Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good fences, kitty injury

As mentioned in yesterday's post, on Tuesday Ambrose came home with large gashes on his hind legs. Although I managed to disinfect them and sprinkle wound powder, we decided to take him along to the vet in the city.
Ambrose on the back seat of our car traveling to the city yesterday morning early

Fortunately we did, as the large wound on one leg had already become infected. Dr Winkworth put our little kitty out and treated the wounds. He also checked for any pulled tendons or bone breaks while Ambrose was asleep and thankfully found none.

The vet was also pretty certain that the wounds were not caused by any other animals (cats or dogs). Rather he said it looked as though Ambrose had hooked - first one leg on a spike of the palisade fence around our property  - and the skinned the other leg trying to extricate himself. 
Ambrose after the anesthetic - on the back seat of our car traveling home at midday yesterday 

We collected Ambrose at 11.45; he was still very much doped and stayed that way until late  evening. In fact, I helped him up onto his favorite chair as he was staggering around the bedroom, dragging the bandaged leg behind him. At one point he had both front paws in one of the three water bowls so I made the decision for him to lie on the chair.
Still very woozy from the anesthetic and not at all a happy chap 
The stretchy bandage is like his yoomen dad had on his hands for three weeks. The vet says that this bandage will not stay on too long; Ambrose will probably pull it off in a day or two
Dad Ginger snuggled up to his favorite son. When I checked on them later last night, Ambrose had his head leaning on Ginger's back and seemed to be resting well! 
Shadow didn't know what to make of all this and just stayed out of the way
The palisade fencing surrounding our property. Ambrose and Shadow are usually very adept at running along the top. They move quite fast with two legs (on one side of the body)  on the square pole in between the forks and two legs on the ledge running along lower down. We rather think Ambrose was caught on the forks jumping over in the next yard. No-one will ever know
I know they are lethal-looking forks but the cats have always avoided being caught on the spikes. Perhaps Ambrose will stay in our large garden or use the wall between our house and Angus on the other side of our property

I'm linking to TexWisGirl today.

Thanks for all the kind wishes for Ambrose on Face Book! 

Mmmm. Don't expect this to be the last post about Ambrose' narrow escape; I'm sure he'll be posting about it this Sunday! And being Ambrose, he won't tell us HOW he was injured - rather he'll focus on the trip to the doktak and probably how brave he was just to impress the other pets reading his post that day! 



  1. Heal well, Ambrose, xo

  2. Poor Ambrose! Good thing you could take him to the vet in the nick of time. He looks like he is being well taken care of by both his yeomen and his dad :-)

  3. I'm glad it was nothing broken and that he is not on the mend

  4. Poor pussy. Hope he heals quickly.

  5. Hello, I am just glad Ambrose is ok and recovering at home. Maybe Ambrose has learned to stay away from the top of the fence? Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  6. awww. poor ambrose. i hope he will avoid the forks in the future. i do like your fence, though. :)

    (you are linked.) :)

  7. Beterschap! Ik hoop op spoedig herstel! Yes, heal well!

  8. it does look lethal and i hope he learned his lesson and will stay off it. poor baby... he looks good. i know about the dopey thing, we brought Max the dog home while he was still dopey with instructions to wake him up every time he fell asleep, he was old and had surgery and we did not want to leave him over night at the vet in a cage.. bob carried him to the car, all 60 pounds and talk about staggering around... i love hearing from and about your kitties.. they are all so pretty

  9. here's hoping Ambrose feels better soon. hope the healing process goes well.

  10. Poor Ambrose. I hope he heals quickly. - It was so nice that Ginger helped to look after him. That "loopy" photo was comical. - Your fence design is so interesting. I've never see one with the (fork) like cutouts before.

  11. Hope he heals fast.
    Great fence shots!


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