Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Malachite Sunbird

The past two weeks I've heard a Malachite Sunbird working my garden especially on the Wild Sage bush. I saw a flash of bright turquoise, grabbed my camera and dashed into the garden. I found the Sunbird perched in the White Stinkwood tree and managed quite a few shots. It's in eclipse plumage now and soon we won't see this little bird for a few months. 

Malachite Sunbird Male in eclipse plumage

During breeding season the Malachite Sunbird's bright metallic green / turquoise plumage is unmistakable.  Its pectoral tufts are bright yellow. In the photos above of this vibrant bird in eclipse plumage, you can see the yellow coloring fading over his shoulders. The green is speckled and mottled. Nevertheless, this beautiful bird is a favorite of mine and a regular summer visitor in my garden.

Its food is nectar (I have aloes and several other flowering plants in my garden which attract the Malachite Sunbird) insects, spiders and small lizards.

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  1. Hello, Jo! Your sunbird is a beauty! Great shots! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  2. he is a beauty and i love his color.... that deep turquoise is on my list of colors i love...

  3. Hi Jo
    Beautiful bird in contrast to the blue sky!
    Take care

  4. What a gorgeous bird and such a long tail Jo.

  5. What a great looking bird. I'd love to see one.

  6. Nice capture of the Sunbird.


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