Saturday, June 4, 2016

First real winter Saturday critter mix

This week I had fun capturing wildflowers, birds on the fairway; birds in trees and birds on the water as well as the odd insect on the doggie golf club walks.  I have photos of Skabenga and Eddy bounding across the course and our friendly dog neighbor lolling on his master's patio. 

I also snapped several beautiful flowers still blooming here in my garden, a resident fiscal, small flocks of canaries on my indigenous grass shrubs and visiting a resident and a small red [ant] visitor on the floor tiles. 

And of course, the moon...

On Wednesday 1 June, Grant and I were up at 3 am. It's wintertime now but we dress warmly. I have my regular winter pyjamas on with lots of fleecy underthings AND an army greatcoat over all this. We drove to the ATM to cash MIL's monthly old age pension. I've blogged about this before.  If we don't go early in the morning - and I mean early -  we end up standing in mile-long queues for ages during the day. If you're patient enough to do this (which I am, and which my DH isn't!), your turn eventually comes. As you watch, the screen could suddenly go black and you know the bank has run out of money. 


Hence the early morning safari through the sleepy town of Marquard.

As we drove home, I looked up through Grant's window and saw the moon. I hadn't brought my camera but no problem; as Grant parked the car, I grabbed it from my office, went outside and snapped away. Only thing is, Skabenga and Eddy, seeing me wield the camera, thought we were going walkies! 
Waning crescent; visibility 19%; age 26 days. 1 June 2016 at 3.15 am 
Waning crescent; visibility 19%; age 26 days. 1 June 2016 at 7.15 am
Sitting in a tree, over the water at hole 5, I once again photographed the Reed Cormorant
On the dam, the resident Little Grebe did a turn on the shimmering water as I clicked. The mid-morning sun (which is when we walk in winter) makes photographing nature quite challenging
A  pair of Blacksmith Lapwings kick up a merry fuss as we approach. I've wondered if they've laid eggs yet, but search as I may  - they lay eggs in a small indentation on the ground - I've not found the nest
The Blacksmith Lapwing's call is a piercing metallic "klink, klink, klink"  just like a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil
Meanwhile the dogs hurtled around the course with great abandon
Skabenga running towards Mum; Eddy is somewhere off the radar! 
Two choker-chain dog

Perhaps a concerned reader or an official from Animal Cruelty has noticed the two choker chains around Skabenga's neck: one normal and then quite a thick-linked chain. The narrow and lighter chain is on Skabenga's person [sic!] at all times. The thick chain is only slipped over his neck by moi, when we go out walking. I take it off immediately we arrive home. I found that with an adult four-wheeled driven 41kgs/90lb dog, I can't control him at all with the lighter links. Now we both enjoy the walks much more with a thicker choker chain! 

Some pretty wildflowers on the course.

A busy bee enjoying this flower

On the way home one day last week, I snapped our friend neighborhood dog resting on the patio 
I need to ask the street's canine's masters what their names are! I know all the humans but have more interaction with their dogs so we should be introduced! 

As we get home, step through the gate, I unclip the lead and slip Skabenga's thick-linked walking choker chain off. He bounds down the driveway, jumps into his large water bowl and splodges. 
Master Skabenga cooling off after the vigorous walk! 

A few days ago as he did this I noticed a fleck of white under one of the perennials. 
Shadow watching from the shadows as the mad dog splashes water all around! 
The abundance of summer rains ensured that my garden is still quite green and many shrubs are still in full bloom
I photographed our resident Fiscal Flycatcher perched in the Buffalo Thorn
My Hollyhock is flowering for the umpteenth time this year
Next to it, the lavender bushes are beginning to flower for the winter

From our entertainment area I watch the Black throated Canaries enjoying the seeds on my Setaria megaphylla. 
Black-throated Canary has just landed on the Setaria (grasses) megaphylla
A red ant walking along the tiles in the entertainment area

 Of course I had to photograph it for Saturday Critters meme! 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here Do visit Eileen's beautiful blog filled with all things nature - especially birds. 

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. Hello Jo, what a great post and awesome collection of photos. I always enjoy your moon photos and your furbabies are also a welcomed sight to see. Beautiful flowers! You have a nice variety of birds, the Lapwings are cool, The Flycatcher and Finch are pretty birds. As always I thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. i have been known to snap shots of bugs and ants to... this was a happy post, i found myself smiling all the way through, even the story of the two chain dog made me smile. and the splasing on the cat also... i would do the 3 am trek to the bank to... standing in line i could do but not if it ran out of cash.... loved this post. flowers and dogs and all kinds of fun things. do NOT tell Skabinga, but today my favorite shot of all is that silly sweet dog on the fence

  3. I remember seeing those long lines on the first of the months I visited and quickly learned not to go to the banks on that day. Skabenga has gotten so big not surprised you need that stronger choke chain. Sasha is about that size and I can barely walk her on a leash. Glad to see you still have flowers.

  4. Great series of pictures!
    It is a long time since I did some bird photography.You have got lovely captures, particularly the one with flapping wings.

  5. A wonderful collection of photos, Jo!

  6. I'm with you on thebank job, don't like queues. This is a wonderful varied post today with such a variety of critters and beautiful flowers. I cna see why you need a strong chain on the dog. 90lbs. Lovely moon shot.

  7. Gorgeous series of photos! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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