Monday, June 27, 2016

Saturday critters after Saturday!

I've been a little otherwise occupied this weekend; not only socialising and doing my household chores but spending time with our little patient, Ambrose. He is improving by the hour but still very weak. His appetite increased slightly so I believe that by the end of this week, Ambrose' argument with a palisade fence will be a hazy memory in his little kitty brain. 

I also have quite a mix of critters (not all critters though) and hope I can still link to Eileen's meme. However here they are:

A beautiful veld flower still blooming in the cold conditions 
The lone resident Little Grebe on the dam
Skabenga smiling at the camera; Eddy staring into the distance favouring her hind leg
Overhead in the clear blue African winter sky is a helicopter
Waning Gibbous; visibility 75%; age 21 days. 25 June 2016 at 5.02am 

Leaving the city last week, we noticed a well-dressed elderly man hitch hiking. I had my camera ready and although I didn't want to point it in his face, I managed a clear-ish photo.  This is the umpteenth time we've come across  people like this standing along the National Freeway looking for a lift. I wondered why this man was "on the road". He didn't look scruffy like a homeless person. Was he a widower who'd been forced by financial circumstances to live with his son and wife? Did he have a disagreement with the family and they told him to leave? Or has he - while they were away at work - arranged with another family member in the bigger city of Johannesburg to go and live there? 
A pensive look from a discarded person perhaps? 

I'm hoping to still link to Saturday Critters here


  1. i do hope Ambrose will remember to stay off that fence. Hope he is better today... love the hiked leg shot, maybe Eddie is doing the revers on point thing... now i would like to know the story of the man waiting. maybe a bus comes by and picks up people waiting? do you even have bus services there. like our Grayhound buses travel all over the USA and are the cheapest way to travel...

  2. so many great images but sad about the man though. hope he finds where he's going and will be happy there. glad to hear Ambrose is eating well. have a great day~

  3. Hello, Jo! I love the pretty cheery flowers. Your dogs Skabenga and Eddy are always a cute sight to see. I hope Eddy's leg is OK. The moon shot is beautiful. I hope the old man has a home to go to, I feel for the homeless. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. Sending continued healing thoughts to Eddy, happy to read she still has a good appetite.
    Beautiful shots, and quite the mystery why a well-dressed older gentleman would put himself in that situation....

  5. Gosh I do wonder if that gentleman was OK JO? I also hope Ambrose recovers fully soon.

  6. The last pic makes for a sad story. Skabenga has grown so big.


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