Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My world continues

My world continues here in South Africa and I'm beginning to enjoy what I'm doing. I'm busy from early  morning and by about 10.30, I leash up Skabenga and take him and Eddy to the golf course. They LOVE it and I love the sound of the birds, the winter blooming wildflowers on the course and seeing other dogs and of course, birds on our walk. 
We stop and let the dogs behind their fences see us...
Good dog!
Crowned Lapwing
On the course, it's off-leash and he and Eddy enjoy every minute !
Skabenga enjoys a good plodge in the dam at Hole No 5
Luckily the birds aren't too fazed with the splashing. This beautiful Grey Heron stood here all the time we were at the water's edge
The Little Grebe in the middle of the dam
An African Spoonbill on the left bank! 
It was also not at all concerned about the splodging dogs!
The local Reed Cormorant swims across the dam...
...and hops onto a short pillar; one of the Blacksmith Lapwings lurks behind!
An army helicopter flew overhead
Skabenga gave chase! Can you see the "speck" dog and even smaller "speck" helicopter in the sky? 

Walking through a firebreak I photographed the noxious Black Jack (bidens pilosa). 
But look at it's beautiful flower! 
I couldn't get enough ...
...of snapping it ! 

Do click on the link above the first of these photos and read up about this invasive weed . The petals of the flowers I photographed had already fallen off; the flower would soon seed (like the white one to the back) and then spread its spiky "fruits" which are already visible in the yellow flower. 
Further along I came across these dainty little flowers

And these on a cluster
I love how the buds are blue but when opened are soft lilac

Back home, I divest myself of my peak and prescription glasses; my walking shoes and then I take my camera to my desk, download the photos and do a blog post! 

Skabenga in the photo with Mum after a lovely walk on the golf course

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  1. Many nice shots. Hugs to Skabenga and Eddy (Sissy sends kisses)

  2. you are for sure enjoying the small things in life that make life so good.. a walk with the dogs and camera and it gives you fun, exercise, and a blog post.. plus the dogs get excercise and fun to... i love the yellow weed. weed flowers are my thing... and it seems the ones that cause problems are always the prettiest and spread really fast... we enjoy your morning walks to

  3. Oh, what fun with the dogs...our Lindy is too old for off-leash dog parks because of her blindness, but what lovely photos of flowers (invasive weed notwithstanding). And I love your selfies in the mirror. Great to see you. Hugs from here. —Kay

  4. Looks like a varied, interesting walk Jo. Of course I homed in on the birds so particularly liked the African Spoonbill and the Crowned Lapwing.

  5. Wow, the bird shots take me right back to the places I visited when I visited South Africa in 2008. Marvelous country to bird.


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