Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My life with dogs and cats!

Even though the temps have dropped considerably, the dogs and I still manage a walk on the golf course every day. 
My daft dog, Skabenga always takes a dip, no matter how cold the weather and water is
This beautiful profile is for Aunty Sandra of Florida

I always have a fear of other dogs arriving on the course while we're there as Skabenga is not at all socialized. On Sunday afternoon a neighbor of ours brought all five her dogs along for a walk. Skabenga went haring off in their direction and as he met up with the biggest dog, a Bull Mastiv,  he screeched to a halt, tail furiously puffed up and the two dogs sniffed at each other. 
The two dogs sized each other up
I think Skabenga would like my blog readers to think that here above he "saw the other dog off" Not so, the other dog lost interest and trotted away to catch up with his mistress! 

Ambrose has taken the dressing off his leg and seems to be a lot more comfortable. He's still not walking too steadily on that leg - obviously still painful - and still reclining indoors. I think it will quite a number of days before he's ready for the outdoors. I'm hoping he never goes out again. I shudder to think what would have happened had he extricated himself from the fence and then fallen into the plot next door. He would not have survived the cold night and we'd never have seen our little boy again. Instead, he obviously jumped back down into our property and limped indoors where I found him on my bed,  licking his wounds . 
Ambrose' injured leg - on the mend but still very tender
He's had a lucky escape! 
Resting on his "day bed" in the morning sun

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  1. Skabenga is so beautiful

    Hugs to Ambrose

  2. Skabenga is very handsome, esp in profile ;-) Poor Ambrose. His leg still looks so raw. I hope it heals quickly now that the air can circulate around it.

  3. i love the name Skabenga. how unique. i thought it wouldn't be long before Ambrose got that bandage off. lucky escape indeed. hope all is well. have a great night~

  4. Oh, poor darling Ambrose. I hope he heals quickly. Love and hugs from here.
    I don't know what would happen if your big Skabenga met our blind old Lindy. Now that she can't see, she doesn't like to have other dogs near her, and I admit I'd probably feel the same way.
    She is lying under the table snoring while we wait for our dinner to cook and for Lindy's daddy to come home to eat. He's out playing tennis with our neighbour, and they really seem to enjoy it, but their timing might be a little off. :)
    Give Ambrose a kiss on the top of his head, from his Auntie Kay.

  5. Aww - gorgeous shots of the dogs.

  6. Ambrose's leg looks aweful and sore. That is a gorgeous profile image of Skabenga Jo.

  7. oh sweet Ambrose, that is so awful, i teared up looking at it. poor sweet baby.. and oh my, Aunty Sandra LOVES her photo. what a beautiful shot, makes me think of a painting... kisses to my big boy and so glad he and the other big guy did not get into it. a dog fight is a terrible thing to see....

  8. Hello, I love your Skabenga. The profile shot of him is awesome. Poor Ambrose, the sores look raw. I hope he is healing well, sending my get well wishes for him. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  9. Oh, that injury looks so painful! Poor little Ambrose!


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