Sunday, June 26, 2016

Update on Ambrose the patient

Hi Bozo and all my blog readers; this is Ambrose' Mum with an update on his progress. He's still not at all strong or well enough to write the post so I agreed to do it for him this week.

He's eating every morning, drinking water and using the sandbox. So his physical body is on the mend. He's also washing himself regularly which means the mental state of health is also on the up-and-up. Only thing is he is becoming very thin not having eating well for the past five days. 

I suspect the wound is still very tender; he's not been able to tear off the bandage which is not for lack of trying. However, the longer it remains covered the less chance of him banging the tender parts against things. He's able to walk short distances and gingerly places his weight on the injured leg.

Yesterday morning I carried Ambrose to the sunny diningroom and placed him on a chair near the window. He jumped off and walked towards his Dad Ginger for a cuddle.
Ambrose wobbles towards his Dad Ginger for a cuddle
He butts his head into Dad Ginger's shoulder waiting for a lick
Later he lay down in a sun puddle and rested there for ages
I was thrilled to see him grooming himself as this is a sign that a cat hasn't given up on life!

Thanks for all the kind wishes for Ambrose' recovery. We're also hoping and praying he will be completely healed and back to his normal self soon. (And perhaps stop wandering!)

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  1. Aw poor dear. I hope he will get better soon. Are there any kinds of drop you can feed him in place of the food he is lacking? I hope his weight and energy recovers. xx

  2. He is looking better. Hope he keeps improving.

  3. He does look thinner, i hope he is able to eat more soon. glad he is mending and my heart hurts for him and you... poor sweet kitty... i love the shot of him butting his head on dad Ginger. they are both so beautiful

  4. Hello, I certainly hope Ambrose would not give. He is a sweetie, I wish him well. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. i'm so happy to hear Ambrose is doing so well. you weren't kidding when you said he's tried to take that bandage off. by the looks of it, it won't be long before he gets it off. maybe he won't go off on big adventures after this. have a great day/ week...

  6. Hi there Jo, nice to meet you too! Hope the kitty recovers soon! He is a lovely cat.

  7. Sunny spots through windows........a cat drug eh?
    Ps wheres your novelty veg photo? Xxx

  8. Get well soon Ambrose... Take care..



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