Monday, June 20, 2016

First Farmer's Market

The 16th June is a public holiday in South Africa: Youth Day. It commemorates a sad day in our history when Soweto students demonstrated against having Afrikaans (one of South Africa's eleven official languages) as a learning medium in their education. Though Bantu eduction was designed to deprive Africans and isolate them from "subversive" ideas, indignation at being given the demeaning education system became a major focus for resistance, the 1976 rising being the most influential. 

The ignominy of the reaction of the then, autocratic government, is hopefully something that will never happen in South Africa again. 

Today the majority rules and the situation has not improved one bit. In fact, apart from the education system being one of the worst in the world, So who was/is to blame? The hope that propelled us forward in 1994 is long gone. And while in many ways we are so much better, the pervasive hopelessness makes us a whole lot worse. (See here

However, on a different note, on the holiday,  for the first time our little town of Marquard held a Farmer's Market. Grant and I wandered over to the market plain and as we arrived I realized that I'd come without my camera. I couldn't believe I'd been so remiss. I always take photos of everything so how come I'd left my Canon behind this time. A friend heard my lament and suggested I took photos with my Smartphone. Although this isn't my most favorite mode of photography, I did and even uploaded them onto Facebook at the same time. 
The fresh meat stall- we bought a packet of biltong for MIL. Grant (just off screen on the left) chats to friend, Hester while I took photos
The cake stall was yummy to look at. I would have liked to buy a cupcake for MIL, 
but couldn't carry it around in my hands! 
The fruit and vegetable table had a selection of items. I liked the look of the pears displayed in Grandma's enamel dish
Our young baker Lucas and his wife Ira (who is Joel's school teacher) displayed beautifully baked goods. We bought a loaf of rye bread
The Marquard Young Men's Association braaied/BBQ'd meat at their stall
The atmosphere was very sociable and pleasant
A table of exotic cheeses was a great attraction. My friend, Trudi tasted a piece of cheese as I photographed her. Grant bought a pecorino with peppadews and I chose a block of Halloumi 

A farmer brought a couple of horses and offered rides to the children

The first Farmer's Market was such a success that the community has decided to hold one every three months. Next time I'll have my camera with me and take really  good photos. 



  1. The food looks fantastic and I bet the horse rides were a huge success. I love dried meat so the biltong would suit me well ;-)

  2. Looks like a fun event adn I am sure will be the frstof many Jo. Forget your camera!!! I thought you slepp with it round your neck!!!! Mind you with that smart phone you did very well.

  3. The phone photos look fine. The market sure had some nice food for sale. I'm glad it was a success for your town.

  4. Hello, the market looks like a wonderful place to shop. I think I would be taking home some of the cheeses too. Your phone takes nice photos.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. I think these are really good photos... i would love that rye bread and the cheese YUM. i saw several of these on FB... glad you had your phone... great idea to have it every 3 months. we have one every Saturday down town except for our 4 hot summer months, like now. you are freezing we are melting in the heat.... so sorry to hear not much has changed with your schools... our seem to be regressing backwards and it seems we might be getting closer to what you have than what we had.

  6. Looks like a very pleasant market ! Forget your camera, that's almost a crime ! When it happens to me I feel as if I had lost a leg !

  7. ohhhhh I'm wanting some of that sausage

  8. I always love a market and the food looks delicious. I hate when I forget my camera but your phone did the trick.


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