Saturday, September 30, 2017

Clear skies and critters

We've had drizzly weather and overcast skies since last Saturday. I wanted to photograph the moon on Thursday night but it just wasn't visible! 

This morning the dogs and I were out at 4am, me wearing the headlamp and the dogs enjoying the crisp early morning air while we walked. 

The jackal were yipping in the distance and the Spotted Eagle-Owl's call: "huuuh....hruuuh" from a large tree in our garden. Because I know what'ss coming next, I waited and listened carefully. Another Spotted Eagle-Owl called from the forest below our house.  The Red-chested Cuckoo rendered its strident call: "Piet-my-vrou". Then came one of my favorite night sounds: The Fiery-Necked nightjar was calling from the neighbor on the other side of our garden. On and on..."Good Lord deliver us; Good Lord deliver us"

Later this morning when I hung out my towels, I noticed the peaks were open. I dashed back into the house, grabbed my camera and managed these beautiful images...

The peaks visible for the first time in a week! 
 As always, my boy is alongside his Mama 

Driving down to the centre just before 8am, we saw the Beared Vultures circling above. They were catching a thermal as well as homing in one of three vulture restaurants up near our house. 

The estate management puts out a carcas of a pig or cow on all three locations twice a week. 

It's very challenging to photograph these gracious and endangered birds in flight. The sun was in my eyes; I was leaning out of the car window and of course the birds were moving all the time. 

Grant caused me to chuckle when he said: Bergview Airforce is out in full force this morning! 

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  1. Beautiful images. I love the mountain rising from the mist in your photos.

  2. Hello, Jo! I fixed your link. I hope, lots of troubles with the linky today. I love your gorgeous mountain view. The vultures are great flight captures. Skabenga is always a favorite of mine, he is so handsome. Thank you so much for linking up today, sorry there was trouble with the linky. I am working on it. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I can't stop smiling and you know why.. that big beautiful black face with the big beautiful brown eyes. smooches to him. the fog pics are spectacular and I wish I could hear those sounds you describe.

  4. Such wonderful views, and I enjoyed reading about your pre-dawn walk. Awesome post!

  5. You are an early bird, Jo! Great images of the peak, and such a sweet photo of the dog.

  6. Oh wow, Jo! Those ARE wonderful shots of the peaks standing proud above the mist!
    Skabenga has a totally loving look on his face for his mama!

  7. Stunning view and I love the bearded vultures, well done. Take care Diane

  8. Love that doggie ~ what a sweetie and your first two sky shots are awesome ~ ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores) aka A Creative Harbor ~ ps am posting Pets Forever even though she is on holiday or not updating blog


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