Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tailwalking at Parkrun

Last weekend Steve opened the shop for me and we managed to get to a Parkrun event again. As usual Grant volunteered to sweep/tailwalk. However, on Saturday morning he woke up with a painful left foot. It was swollen and as he would've been challenged to walk on it, I swopped volunteering jobs. 
 The start of the Winterton Parkrun every Saturday 
 Grant and Shorty, who were both timekeepers on Saturday, looked quite funny with one foot in the air as they stepped up to the start
 Even though I was the sweeper, I ran ahead before to take photos of the runners and walkers as they set off on the Parkun
 Marelize and Tiger stride it out
 This young girl had a very friendly face 
 These walkers looked mighty serious
 Ant and Alan came up in the rear. See three more dogs on the Parkrun
 I turned and saw two young women running to catch up. As the sweep, I had to wait for them to pass and then only could I continue
 Ant and Alan on the home stretch
 Grant clocks Alan in 
 Ant and Grant share a joke as Grant clocks him in
 The tailwalker/sweep for Saturday: moi! My time was 1 hour and 02 minutes! 

I always put my peak and glasses in the car before we have a Parkrun breakfast. In the car park I photographed a group of bikers out on a Breakfast Run.
The Ladysmith BMW club

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  1. I hope that Grant's foot is better, nothing much worse than a sore foot to get around with. Take care Diane

  2. I hope that poor sore foot has settled down.
    The Parkrun looks like a wonderful community event.

  3. Happy to see your lovely pictures. Thanks for coming over to my blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. I'm looking forward to our weather cooling down, so I can get out and about.

  5. I hope Grant's foot heals up quickly so he can participate in the walk again soon.

  6. so happy to SEEE you again and to know you are walking again and looking so good and fit,.

  7. Quite a number of people come out.

  8. What a fun event and wonderful photos to share ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A Shutterbug Explores)

  9. In the third photo, there's a man with BOTH feet in the air. Hugs to Grant and tell him to take care of his painful foot.
    Love, K


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