Monday, September 11, 2017

Rest in peace, Daddy

On this day, one year before 9/11, I lost my dear dad to cancer, aged 81 years. Even though 17 years have passed, we miss you dearly Daddy. 

Four years prior to this, my father-in-law passed away. My sweet mum (Daphne) sent my mother-in-law, Pam a letter of condolence and a recipe for the most delicious fruit tart ever. 

My sister-in-law, Shelley Butlin Hedges got the recipe frrom my mum in the eighties. Two years ago she sent it to me via e-mail. 

Recently Grant's aunt Gill (mother-in-law's younger sister) and her husband visited us and she brought along the recipe written in my mum's own hand. (My mum only lived 16 months after my dad) 

To all who lost loved ones in 9/11, my heart goes out to you.

Note: To Pam, the date and Daphne under that (I take after my mum; date and sign writings)

RIP Daddy and Mommy. 


  1. Losing a loved one is always a time of sorrow and though they are gone we never forget. Hugs xx

  2. Hello, September 11th will be a day we always remember. For many reasons. We never forget those we have lost, hugs!

  3. While they are remembered with love, they are never gone.

  4. Take care and love from Poland

  5. Having had lost my mother, I would say you don't really get over it, you just learn to live with it.


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