Friday, September 8, 2017

Waning Gibbous and my guard dog

Waning Gibbous; visibility 95%; avainlability 17 days . 7 September 2017 @ 10.16 pm
While I'm outside night or day, my guard dog Skabenga is by my side

Last night while photographing the moon, I heard Black-backed Jackal yipping in the veld beyond.

I'm linking to Skywatch Friday here


  1. Hello, Jo, love your photo of the moon. I am glad you Skabenga there for a guard dog. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Such a trusty and loyal companion.

  3. I was filming the moon a couple of nights back but sadly I did not hear a jackal while doing it. I wish. Cheers Diane

  4. Great moon shot. I like shots, like yours, where one can see the craters.

  5. Wow, Jackal's yipping in the moonlight. What an experience, and beautiful moon photo!


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