Monday, September 25, 2017

Long weekend business

24 September is Heritage Day (previously Family Day) in South Africa. As the date fell on a Sunday, today, Monday is a public holiday. Which meant this past weekend was a  long one for most people. 

The city people arrived in the Central Drakensberg in their droves on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. And this, the Cedarwood Village Mall is now one of the popular destinations in the Valley. 

Not only that; we've had incredibly hot and dusty weather for the past two months. Saturday morning we woke to a heavy mizzly rain. Visitors are often disappointed when the weather is inclement, and stop off at the shops to find a hot coffee or cuppachino or to browse. this caused businesses to do a roaring trade on Saturday and Sunday. 

  The parking lot was almost too small for all the cars 

 My signboard on the veranda 

 Customers for The Art Box  

On Saturday morning, restrateurs of The Purple Giraffe had car problems. It wouldn't start so Linda and Craig walked from their home on a farm to the centre - a full four kilometers! Grant took Craig back to his house, fixed the problem and the two men returned to the centre in their cars. The day before a local farmer brought his lawnmower to Grant's workshop to repair. That afternoon Grant phoned the farmer and said he could collect the machine.  The grateful man paid Grant and asked if he could bring another after the weekend! 



  1. I know when I'm on holiday and it rains I like nothing better than to get a hot coffee and snack and look at souvenirs and gifts. What a great thing that it rained on the long weekend for your shop!

  2. Ooops, I didn't read the last paragraph before I hit "publish". How fabulous that Grant is so talented with equipment, machinery et al. Now that he has fixed several things in your new home town, the word is certainly getting around!

  3. Hello, Jo! It is great to see the crowds of people at your shop. Your Grant is a handyman when it comes to fixing things, that is awesome. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. looks and sounds like business is going well for both of you. so happy for you... I noticed the cars are all white with a couple of grays, that is the way it is here to. way to hot for dark colored cars

  5. Wet weather and tourists - great for business I am sure :-) Cheers Diane

  6. We had a long weekend too. It was dry though. Windy but dry. How I would love some of that rain.
    Love that you got lots of customers for your shop.


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