Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunrise, building construction and blue skies

Sunrise earlier...

This week, Grant started the first stage of building for a lady who's returning from Australia at some later this year. 

Over the weekend, Grant phoned dozens of people who have TLB (diggers) to level the ground. Every machine was either busy or broken. He eventually phoned our friends, Brian and Gene in nearby Muden. Brian has his own earthmoving operation. As it wouldn't be economically viable to hire his TLB, Brian contacted a friend, Justin in Winterton (our nearest town) Within the hour, Justin rang Grant and they booked the digger for Monday morning. 

The outhouse to the left of Grant's vehicle will be extended to become a one-bedroom; en-suite, open-plan kitchen-living area granny flat - all with a front deck on the bank (where the azalea bush is**) looking up to the mountain peaks and a beautiful view from the front porch. 

** Today the TLB operator dug out the azalea bush and Natal Bottlebrush next to it. Estelle's gardener helped me to replant each one in a safer place. Here's hoping they survive....

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  1. Hello, gorgeous sunrise images. The building process is interesting. I am glad the plants could be saved and moved to a safe spot. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. Awesome sunrise photography ~ so dynamic ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  3. Wow Jo! Fantastic sunrise photos!
    I hope the bushes survive & the new building will be a cute spot!

  4. Hi Jo, have just been back to catch up. Loved the post about your shop and interactions between fellow shop owners ☺ So sad about Muthi, but sounds like he had a good life and I love the painting of him with the meerkats. Hopefully that gorgeous big Azalea was saved in the building process. How brilliant to have a shop selling art, I'm pretty partial to art 😀😀

  5. That is a serious building project, Jo. Your sunrise photos are spectacular!

  6. Beautiful colour in that sun. Grant looks like he'll be busy for awhile :=)

  7. Those sunrise photos are absolutely beautiful. That is going to be one big project, hopefully everything goes smoothly. It sounds like it will quite the place once it is completed.

  8. Changes are good and they give you a chance to make a better garden!! Lovely skies for the work to be done.


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