Thursday, September 7, 2017

Probus, what's Probus?

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month and since March this year, Grant and I have attended the Probus meeting held on that day. 

*Probus is an association of autonomous clubs, around South Africa and throughout the world, that cater to the fellowship needs of retired professionals and persons who have held office in any business or organisation.**

Since then I've become the editor of the monthly newsletter and resident photographer at all meetings. 
Probcom (Probus committee) which meets the week after the meeing and enjoys a meal together afterwards

At a committee meeting (held the next Wednesday after the meeting) the president and I discussed doing a monthly profile on existing members. I have done one and then last month I had an orbituary (this is par for the course at our age!) and tonight I'll be speaking to a founder member and get her permission to do this month's member profile on her. 

There's a speaker at the meeting and afterwards we all enjoy a three-course meal at a local hotel.  We've had talks on The History of the Kruger National Park; a talk on Wild Dogs, an artist came to tell us about her art and a Talk on the Elephants of Addo Elephant Park. 
An artist spoke to us on art, using her own beautiful original paintingsto illustrate her talk
New member Estelle and moi! 
Guests enjoying the soup starter  (can anyone spot my friend and co-Parkrunner in this photo?

Apart from the monthly evening meeting, there's also an outing during the day in the month. The one below was a Thai cooking demonstration at a local restaurant. We had to make our own spring rolls which were taken away, grilled and returned for us to eat. 
 The July daytime outing 
 Our Probus president proved to be the best spring roll roller of the day! 
This is what we enjoyed afterwards

At the August meeting the committee scratched the bottom of the barrel for a speaker and came up with...

Just in the nick of time, erstwhile tourist guide Connor Ward rocked up and saved the day. 
Connor had us in stitches with his anecdotes about the elephants of the Addo Elephant Park. He also reduced us to tears with his tales of the human and emotional characteristics that these psachaderms display 

Tonight's entertainment (no speaker) is Bingo! I love Bingo and tend to win several prizes when I play. Here's hoping...



  1. Hello, the Probus meeting is a great way to met up with the locals. The Dinners and the outings sound like fun. You are an excellent photographer for the group meetings. Good luck with the Bingo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. Smiles all around! Great fun & fellowship! Hope you win at bingo!

  3. Aw Jo, it looks like you and Grant are having a grand ole time with your Probus activities. With 3 commitments a month plus your photography and writing commitment it sure is keeping you occupied! I think I spot Ant in the crowd too. As for Bingo, you would have gotten on well with my late mom and sister. Boy did they love Bingo. Me, not so much. Have a wonderful rest of the week ahead. xx

  4. I would have enjoyed the elephant talk and I do love the cattle in her portrait. everyone looks happy and the food looks good. nothing like fellowship and food.

  5. Interesting, fulfilling activities!


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