Monday, September 4, 2017

Parkrunner of the week!

Name: Grant Hedges
Age: 66
Home parkrun: Winterton
Number of parkruns completed25
Number of volunteering occasions: 9
How has parkrun changed your health / fitness? Although I’d always been fit, healthy and active, in my mid- sixties I developed a chest ailment which slowed me down considerably. In September 2016 I became quite ill with breathlessness and chest colds. I subsequently moved from the Free State to Champagne Valley. Although the clean mountain air helped heal my chest issues, I still wasn’t able to do anything strenuous. A walk of about 100m put me back on the sofa for several days. On 24 December I registered for Winterton parkrun and embarked on my first 5km walk. Because there was no pressure on how long I took, I found myself enjoying the walk and finished within 1 hour 21 minutes. These days I’m the tail walker and support people who’ve not walked before or those recuperating from surgery or illness.
Favourite volunteer role? Tail Walker
Why should others volunteer at parkrun? To give the regular volunteers time off or a chance to do the parkrun.
Why should people take part in parkrun? It’s sociable; there’s no pressure to finish in a certain time and it’s healthy.
Most memorable parkrun moment: The first one I took part in and completed on 24 December 2016.
What fellow volunteers say about Grant: Parkrun is not the same if Grant and his wife, Jo are not there on a Saturday.

A great feat, I'd say,  Grant featuring in a national magazine about, Parkrun a worldwide event started in South Africa and run (excuse the pun) by world-famous ultra-marathon runner,  Bruce Fordyc

Do please read the links above to see what Parkrun is about. 

We weren't at Parkrun this past Saturday as we were busy. (More about this tomorrow)

But next Saturday we'll be there in full force! 



  1. That's a fabulous accomplishment for Grant. After suffering so much with the chest issue it's so nice to see he has regained considerable stamina and health. xx

  2. that is wonderful Jo and great that Grant's health has improved with the moountains and these runs. Thanks for link in and I hope you have a great week ahead.

  3. Wow! He deserves that for the effort he has put in to improve his health and to help others. Well done both of you.

  4. That's great ! Grant looks far more healthier too !

  5. Hello, congrats to your Grant. That is awesome, he is inspiration to others. I am sure! I think you are both awesome! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. just proof positive that walking is great for us, I would love to do your park run with both of you, and I would be walking with the tail walker I am sure. so glad your heath is better Grant

  7. What a wonderful interview with Grant and how he began walking for his health issues. Congrats to Grant in becoming "the tall walker". A modern day hero of inspiration.


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