Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mum left us!

Hi Bozo and all mum's blog readers. This week mum left me, Dad Ginger, Unca Shadow and our yoomen dad here at home and went away. She told me I'm not allowed to post about it so I'm going to show you photos of us resting and waiting for her to return.
We cats relax while our mum went away this week (Regina was here to feed us!)

Dad Ginger says it's best to sleep until we hear mum returning!

But Unca Shadow and I tried to see if we could see her coming home! 
Hellooo mum! Where are you?

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  1. Hang in there!! She'll be back!!!

  2. The first picture is a really lovely still life picture !

  3. Cute kitties, I am sure she will be back. Have a happy week!

  4. All big and small, dark and light striped kitties are indeed cute and sweet, Jo.
    Blessings to all.


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