Sunday, December 29, 2013

Princess put in her place

Hi Bozo and mum's blogger friends. This is Ambrose posting the last post for the year. 

Life has been good this week as it's been all year for the Hedges Kitty Household. Last week I showed you the new pet: Princess the Pup. Although Princess doesn't come into the house, she come into our Kitty Shamba with Michael every morning. I feel as though I should be playing with Princess but when she comes too close, I still hiss at her. Unca Shadow gave her a smack yesterday which caused her to yelp (is that the same as a kitty meow?) Dad Ginger just looks at her with his serious look!
Princess in our Kitty Shamba

Also one day during the week, we were resting our day bed with Mama Chui/Tiger when we heard poor Princess yelping loudly. She had gotten to close to one of the chickens on the yard and Mr Thys the chief Rooster, pecked her tail.

Mr Thys the Rooster. I wouldn't go too near Mr Thys - see those sharp nails on the back of his feet!
When mum went out to check on Princess, she was hiding under Michael's chair in his Askari hut

To Lindy, Bozo, Mandu, Arthur and siblings, and all other pets and their yoomens, have a Happy New Year.

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  1. Soon Princess will figure it out.

  2. What a cutie Princess is!, and your rooster is such a handsome fellow.
    I sincerely hope your New Year will be malaria free and full of the most wonderful nature sightings.

  3. Look out Amrose, Princess could steal your limelight. I think she is adorable and you make sure she doesn't get pecked and hissed at.happy new year to all the pets and your wonderful yoomans

  4. Hi Jo. prinqcess is cute. We have an 8 week old pup in my daughters family and she is also adorable. See post on Christmas Day if you want to see her. I wish ou good health for 2014 Nd may it be a very happy year with many wonderful sights and sounds in nature.

  5. Hello Jo, I hope you are feeling well now! Princess is a cutie.. I hope she becomes friends with all the others..I love the cute photos.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014, Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. What a cute puppy!
    I get to see those when I visit the vet. Last time it was a Jack Russell Terrier with a thingy around his neck. I even had a Siberian Husky breath on me once!

  7. Princess has a lot to learn !! she really is a cutey.


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