Sunday, December 15, 2013

Peace reigns in the Hedges Kitty Household

Hi Bozo and all readers of mum's blog. At last it's peaceful in our Kitty Household. Last week when mum left us for a while, it was to send the foster kitties, Jess and Blackie to a far place to their first yoomen.  So now the house belongs to us three cats again. YAY! 

Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow are not growling at each other anymore like when they could smell other kitties in the house. Only last night our yoomen dad made us a toy which has a feather (isn't that what birds wear?) and all three of us played together!
A new game in our Hedges Kitty Household! 

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  1. I'll bet everyone is happier this way.

  2. I'm sure you boys all appreciate your human mom and dad a lot more after they were so kind, helping the black kitties travel to their first human mom. She is probably so happy to have them, because she was lonely, and now she has them to hug and cuddle.
    Hugs and cuddles to the three of you, and a friendly woof from Lindy.
    Love, Auntie Kay in Canada

  3. Jo and Grant — that was really wonderful what you did, sending the kittens to their widowed owner even though it was such a difficult process. She (and they) will always be grateful, I'm sure.
    Love, K

  4. It's great to see peace again in the Kitty Hedges household. How nice that Papa Grant made you a new toy! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. It is nice to have peace back in the house..and to have a new toy to play with..what fun! Have a happy day!

  6. Yayyyy!!! Have fun guys!!


  7. Looks fun but peaceful at the same time! Wanna' wish you a Merry Christmas and an awesome 2014 sister Jo!

  8. How nice for you three not to live in fear anymore !


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