Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend visit

On Saturday evening instead of going to the club, Grant and I invited Touro, his wife and two children over for a BBQ. Touro is the first Tanzanian Production Pit Supervisor in this company. When the position became vacant in August this year, Grant proposed Touro for the job. Appointing Touro in this position has been one of the wisest decisions that Grant and the higher Powers-that-be have made. Although humble from the top of his 6 foot frame to the tip of his toes, Touro is also no pushover. He has taken this responsibility most seriously; and although fair, hetakes no nonsense from his kinsmen. Grant has found that the morale of the production team has increased a hundredfold over the past six months.

This week, Touro's wife and two children, who live in Dar Es Salaam, came "home" to Mwadui for a visit. So it was the perfect opportunity for them to visit us.

They arrived at 6pm and we started off by sitting out in our enclosed garden where Grant had the BBQ fire going. At the moment we're in the middle of the wet season and any outdoor social event can be marred by a sudden downpour. Which is what happened. It started to rain, so we came indoors.

I'd bought a small gift for each of the children which Grant gave to them when we were all seated in the lounge. A doll and a container of toffees for five-year-old Bess, and a torch/flashlight and a container of toffees for Ivan who is ten.

While the children opened their gifts and we took photos, Grant went outside to check if the weather had cleared and it had! We all traipsed outdoors again and had a wonderful evening, eating, drinking sodas and chatting until after 8.30 pm.
Touro, his wife and children at our home on Saturday night

The rain stopped within minutes and we could go outside once more

Bibi Jo with Touro and family

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas season and are looking forward to New Year celebrations.


  1. What love between friends! The kind that comes from the good Lord. Crossing all barriers.

    May you have a wonderful new year sister Jo! God bless.

  2. Hi Jo. Looks like you all had a great time together.

  3. You sure keep busy entertaining.

  4. Good on Grant for making that decision. Sounds like it has been beneficial for all. They look a nice family.

  5. Such a sweet family and such a wise decision to employ him as a supervisor, it certainly makes good sense to have a local in that position.

  6. They look like a lovely, happy family. So glad that Touro's hiring worked out so well. Have a wonderful rest of your holiday. Hugs. xx

  7. What a lovely evening spent with Touro and his family..The children are cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014, a Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. That sounds like a fun evening. Touro looks like a big guy with a heart of gold from those photos!


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