Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hedges kitties a-sleepin' and a-eatin'

Hi three Bozo and all mum's blogger friends. This is Ambrose again at the laptop while our yoomens are out of the house.

This week mum took photos of me and Dad Ginger in the garden. She said we looked like ornaments. Unca Shadow had already walked away so he wasn't in the picture.

Mum's garden ornaments

Other than pose in mum's garden, we slept the days away on our day bed on the veranda. Of course, Mama Chui (Tiger) was there as usual.
 I, Ambrose, cuddling up to our Mama Tiger

Unca Shadow looking very sleepy 

Mum would like me to post about Jess and Blackie, the "other" cats in the house. She took photos of them eating - separately. She always feeds us three in separate bowls as well; she's a clever mum who knows cats (and dogs and other pets) don't like to share their food or water bowls.
Jess and Blackie enjoying their kibbles in separate bowls

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  1. Those kitties do know how to make themselves comfortable, don't they! Such fun captures for the day!! Hope all of you are having a great weekend!!

  2. Jess and Blackie are growing big and have very shiny fur. Do you cats do anything else other than eat, sleep and pretend to be ornaents?

  3. What a peaceful life ! and "the other cats" have such a beautiful and shiny fur on this picture ! My cats too eat in separate bowls, I don't want to share mine either !


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