Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rainy season

We weren't on site last year this time, so I didn't know that with the big rains, the weather cools down (I am seriously cold all day) and that the sun hardly makes its appearance. We've had more than ten days of heavy torrential downpours and when it stops, the skies stay heavy, low and grey. Most depressing to say the least.
 The weather over the weekend while we were out birding. Note that I'm wearing a track top, it's THAT cold. Brrr

It's also been a challenge trying to get good bird photos when I have to aim at one sitting up against the light. 
 African Pied Wagtail, photographed against the overcast sky last week

As for my WW post yesterday, I thought I'd explain the photo and caption. This was a sign at a coffee shop in South Africa advertising ALOES for sale;  but as English isn't this proprietor's first language, she just spelt the word as it is "spoke" ! So instead of ALOES (which is a type of succulent very popular in SA gardens) for sale, she put up a notice saying ALLOWS (which is such and such permits/allows me to do something) This is also an indication how many people speak English in South Africa.

I hope you're all having a great week. 


  1. I remember those days/weeks in P/NG we used to call it the DOLDRUMS quite a few people would commit suicide in this season as it is depressing weather.The photo of the bird against the grey sky is a beauty.

  2. The gray, gray, gray, isn't any fun, that's for sure!! We haven't had the rain, but we have had the gray and the chill!! I'm ready for Spring!!
    Take care and stay warm, Jo!!

  3. Hi Jo, the weather seems perfectly fine to me, lol. We often go without sunshine during the cold and rainy seasons which go on for months but usually with rain. It makes the sun so much more special when it does come out. I hope you will get some bright sunshine soon to warm you. In the meantime, stay warm. Hugs xx

  4. Maybe why holiday is nice a littler earlier. Stay warm.

  5. Jo, sorry about your rainy gray days! The bird shot is nice, a pretty bird. Wishing you some sunshine, have a happy day!

  6. The rainy pictures look very familiar to me, you could have taken them on a field in Belgium, lol !
    You should write a post :
    An American and Englishmen together in South Africa !

  7. Love the shot! Great light...
    Stay warm!


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