Tuesday, December 6, 2016

At last: a swim!

Monday morning, as usual, the dogs and I went for our walk along the servitude.
Here we return home as the sun peeps over the hill beyond the house

After several rain showers on Sunday and Monday, Namusa,  wanted to check on the pump in the river. This pump sends water up to the overhead tank which supplies all our water. I've been waiting for an opportunity to go down to the river and this is what we did! 
Heading down to the river - the dogs were thrilled with the second walk in as many hours
Exciting new territory to explore; Eddy is invisible in this long grass
Then - the river!
A dip...
...a shake...
...and splashing water all over Namusa as she bends to check the pump

The electrical point 
A wet and happy dog runs ahead of me along the path
Skabenga unwittingly flushed out a buck (deer) who, fleet-footed and fast was soon only visible against the boundary fence

Fortunately before the dogs noticed the buck, it cleared the fence and was gone!

Last week, on our early morning walk, I noticed the gate at the far end of the servitude had been vandalized. When I showed Grant the photos of the buck, he suggested Namusa repair the gate. He reckons that the local people who hunt (regrettably - among other things - the wildlife above), had cut the wire to enable their hunting dogs through and after their quarry. This is another issue (and sore point to me) altogether, which I won't go into now. 
Namusa strides along with the role of wire on her shoulder and Skabenga at her side 

The barbed wire in the middle section had been cut
Namusa joining blue wire to the severed barbed wire 
I pulled the broken strand towards her while she turns and loops the wire around it (I used my left hand for the job with the camera in my right hand to record it all!) 
Securing the wire to the gate frame
The finished product. We hope the villains leave this gate alone for now

Namusa found this large hollowed out log which she immediately placed on her head. She said it would make good firewood to add to the logs when she stokes the boiler which heats our bath water

There are three things that stand out in this post : 

One: although Eddy always comes with us, in the second and third walk, she is not in any photos. This is because Eddy disappeared in the long grass and raced along ahead of us at all times.

Two: Skabenga has had his first [of many, I promise!] swims in the 'Berg

Three: Namusa is the most able, capable, practical and wonderful person to have around!

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  1. Wow! Namusa is certainly a gem and a very enterprising woman I might add. Your son and DIL are lucky to have found her. The dogs will now be hankering after a swim on a regular basis.

    I love the photo (and the beautiful hills) in the photo of Namusa and Skabenga as they make their way down the hill to repair the gate.

  2. Hello, Namusa sounds wonderful to have around. Love the shots of Skabenga. The deer sighting was cool, sorry about the damage to the fence. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. I would love to have a Namusa here, lots of work she could do.. the gate looks as good as new. until the next time... so you bathe in the river water? where do you get your drinking water? a well? Eddie sure did disapear

  4. that looks big ! Can imagine that shbenga loves the water ! Labradors do as well as golden Redrivers. I hate hunters !!

  5. Another beautiful walk but I notice you didn't go swimming. Bummer about having to repair the fence yet you two got it done.

  6. It seems to me that Namusa would be a wonderful person to have around. Maybe I'm jealous? Neither Dick nor I can do repairs in the house and yard. Right now the yard is covered with snow, but I've noticed my bathroom floor making strange noises. Even though it is only about two feet above the cellar below, I don't want to be falling through it.
    I always enjoy your photos, as you know, but right now I am VERY impressed with your skill in helping Namusa with one hand and using the camera in the other hand. As we used to say when I was a whole lot younger, "You rock!"
    Love the dog photos. And I agree with my friend Gattina...I hate hunters. There are quite a few in western Canada, but I try to keep my opinions to myself.
    Hugs from here,
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


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