Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pets, bars, pivots and fences

I feel quite a loss about my post today. I always had something to post about fences or security bars for Theresa's meme. 

These photos show life on the farm yesterday; a beautiful day as the sun went down. 
This fence (security door)  is self-explanatory! 

The neighboring farmer irrigating his maize lands last night 

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. I miss Theresa and her fences. I love number 3 photo today, love seeing the water misting, almost like fog

  2. A beautiful post.

    What happened to Theresa and her fences?

  3. Oh I went and looked at Theresa's blog and see that she is no longer hosting. I hope those of you that love to post about fences will soon have a hostess.


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