Monday, December 26, 2016

The first of many

On Saturday morning Grant and I were up early (I took the dogs for a walk at 4.15) so that we'd be ready to leave for our first Parkrun in the area.

We arrived at 7.30 and before long the place was teeming with people; some fit, some using a stick; some even using two sticks. But everyone had the same idea: they were walking the 5km round the dam back to the starting point.

I started off in the middle of the crowd and soon I had a lady about my age walking alongside me. We introduced ourselves and she said she just wants to finish - not better any previous times (she does this walk every week) I didn't mind as we set out at quite a brisk pace and like women do, soon were talking nineteen to the dozen. 

Our friend, Anthony (who's 75) and born and bred in the area, and Grant walked together. Anthony stopped often to explain some farming mechanism or planting to Grant. We walked through two farms, along the main road (we were admonished NOT to walk on the tar, even if it was muddy - and it WAS muddy - so we walked through the grass and slush.)

Jill (my walking partner) and I finished within the hour. She left to go home and see to her Christmas visitors. I stood and chatted to the organizers and  volunteers until Grant and Anthony arrived about 25 minutes later. 
Ce moi before we started off! 
Grant before the walk



  1. You both look very nice ! Walking is nothing for me unless I do it for taking pictures ! Then I can walk but not quick of course otherwise I would miss my targets !

  2. Sounds like fun and I wish I had been with you to talk 19 to the dozen with the two of you. talking and walking I can go further than if I am by myself, it takes the thoughts that I am walking from my head. we do the same thing in the pool, exercise and talk and the time flies by. you look adorable

  3. Looks like a lovely day for a walk!


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