Monday, December 12, 2016

Moon and rainbow

It's rained almost every afternoon since the moon starting waxing. So clouds overhead prevent me from getting good photos. Last night I managed a few...

Waxing gibbous; visibility 74%; age 10 days  

We're so grateful for the rain; bring it on. I'll take my chances when the night is clear to get photos...

After another storm on Saturday afternoon, I walked outside and was greeted by this beautiful rainbow.

Isn't it beautiful?



  1. Rain? Rainbows! I guess it wasn't too long ago when it was raining here and the lakes aren't frozen over so that's something. Very envious of you and excellent shots. I was just wondering why my moon shots don't turn out, a project for another day.

  2. Hello, gorgeous moon and a beautiful rainbow capture. Love the cute kitty too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. it looks to me like the pot of gold at the end is right out there in your pasture.. it is beautiful and right over your home. wow


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