Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mountain Moggies happy and well

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and what more can I say? The happiest kitties live in this beeg place with a beeeg garden and lots of trees and bushes, especially for me to lie under. 
Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow sit in the door watching the world go by
Mum says I'm naughty; I wonder why? Just after this photo, I leaped down from the window onto  Aunty Chappy ! Mmm
Unca Shadow walking across the beeeeg grass while Dad Ginger, I - Ambrose - and Aunty Chappy watch from the rondawel door
Dad Ginger and I, Ambrose, on Uncle John's Red Rocket
Skabenga visiting the beeeeg animals
Early one morning as Mum was getting ready to take the dogs walking, Missy, the beeeg animals  tried to come inside the rondawel (See I'm keeping guard on the table?)

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  1. What a nice photo of your uncle Shadow and Dad Ginger. Very handsome fellows they are too. How interesting to see horses right outside the door. Good job you were keeping watch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ambrose. I know there is lots to keep you entertained;-)

  2. Jo, this must be a very different life for you and it looks like you have got wide-open spaces around you Plenty of room for the animals to all roam around.

  3. Hello, I hope Ambrose and all the kitties are enjoying this big new place. There is a lot of explore. I like the last shot with the horse at the door. Happy Sunday, enjoy your week ahead!

  4. Help I am smiling and I can't stop... I love this post... you should think about being a Cat Photographer. your photos of the Moggies are always stunning. and my favorite? Nope, not Skabinga this time, but the horse at the door. I am soooooooooo jealous..... as a volunteer at an assited living place like where your MIL lives, one of the things I did was sit and visit with someone who needed cheering. this lady had Alzheimers and did not talk, would not speak with her family or anyone. accidently I found a way to maker her talk. I stood and looked at a photo of a castle in one of the communist countries with a family on the steps and 2 German shepherds and way in the back INSIDE the castle door was a horse head looking over their shoulder. I said you had a horse inside your castle?
    she started to talk and talk and talk and told me stories I can't even remember. her daughter walked in one day and said She is Talking. I said about the past, that is all she has.. after that her daughter asked her to talk about her life in a communist country. she said the dogs were trained to warn when the soldiers were coming and the reason the horse came in was because the maid fed him sandwiches... your photo through me back in time

  5. Oh how I love this post!! So full of sweetness...all the way around. Terrific.

  6. Such cute cats, and lovely horses.


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