Monday, December 5, 2016

Close-ups and macro shots

Last week blogger friend, Sandra (Madsnapper) mentioned macro photography. I replied and said although I've had my camera for two years, I have never used the macro function; in fact, I told her I didn't know where to find it! She explained that it has to be on my camera: it's depicted by a flower. 

Light bulb moment! 

While I was walking the dogs in the bottom paddock last week, I stopped and looked for the macro functions; AKA the little flower icon. I found it. I pressed the button but nothing showed on my screen. Then I remembered that when I first bought the camera I HAD used this function and that it worked in conjunction with the manual function!

I set the camera and took several photos (see below)
A little fuzzy
A little clearer

The wind was blowing (as it does on the slopes) and I had to hold the next flower's stem so that I could photograph it.

Because I love photographing my animals...
Skabenga in macro shot

And Eddie

On one of our [many] walks earlier in the week, I took these photos below. I used the Auto function and zoomed in on the subject! 
Dew drops on a spider web across the foliage 
I wanted to capture the early morning sunlight on these grasses 
Close-up, the pink tinged blade of grass made a beautiful subject

The next photos I took from the top. The fuzzy background is the gravel below the flower.
Quite surreal...



  1. You didn't take long to get the hang of it these are lovely photographs.

  2. Although I really love landscapes and portraiture, I absolutely love macro shots. They are so beautiful and creative and you've done a nice job with yours.

  3. I LOVE Macro. these are beautiful and of course Macro Skabenga and Macro Eddie are my favorites.. thos flowers are so pretty and the grass is just gorgeous..

  4. Hello, pretty macro shots. I love the flowers and your animals. HAPPY Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. Wonderful photos of nature's beauty. AND your four legged friends/family members...I adore!!

  6. Those are some nice first macro shots - congratulations. And I'll have some more pit mining photos over the next couple of weeks for your memories :)

  7. I love macro but with my big go-to lens I have to back up and zoom in, then it's not so macro. You got some great shots here.


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