Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our house

So many times I've posted photos of the mountains, the valley below the property and the sunrises and moon images. Last week Grant stopped on the road coming UP the hill so that I could photograph the house from below. 
The house and rondawel (round hut) taken from the road below
I zoomed in on the dwelling hoping to see Ambrose lolling on the lawn (LOL!) 

Living here would not be easy without the two amazing Zulu ladies: Namusa and Thandiwe. 

Namusa watering the pecans on the paddock below the house (Skabenga watches!) I also help with the watering, but stopped here to take this photo 

Last week Grant bought large bags of potatoes as a thank you gift (for Christmas) to the two ladies. 
Thandiwe with her bag of potatoes
 (I took them both to the pick-up point where they catch the taxi) 

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  1. Beautiful countryside. I'm sure the ladies appreciated the potatoes. I remember when I was a child we always had a big bag of potatoes and another one of carrots like these. We don't see that here anymore. Interesting...that I spell "potatoes" like you do and someone on Twitter long ago (from Kenya" found my spelling incorrect :-(


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