Monday, December 19, 2016

Meeting up with old friends

Last Monday Grant and I drove up to Pretoria on business. We stayed over with friends ex- Tanzanian. What a wonderful reunion for all of us.

The bonus was meeting up with American missionary couple, Claire and Mike Fidele who were visiting Amanda and Andre from Tanzania. 

Claire, Amanda, Jo and Grant

I don't have a photo of Mike (Claire's husband) yet do click on this link to see an image of this amazing couple, the way they met and their incredible mission.

Amanda and I discovered Buhangija (place of safety for children with albinism) and ultimately our lives and work here crossed with Claire's. 

Do please click on these links, if you care to.

We are on our way to Marquard this morning. We'll see our dear grandchildren, Joel, Abby and Liam as we collect Grant's tools and a few items to bring back to the Berg. We'll also be spending time with Grant's mom in the retirement village while we overnight with Rina. 



  1. I remember Amanda from your days in Tanzania and all the good work you and she did with the children. God bless the couple who are working in Tanzania to improve so many lives there. xx

  2. p.s. I clicked "publish" too fast. I forgot to wish you and Grant a safe and very enjoyable journey to reunite with family. xx

  3. Hello, great photo of you and your friends. I hope you have safe trip and enjoy your visit with the family and Rina. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead! I wish you and your a blessed and Merry Christmas!

  4. Nothing better than visiting old friends!

  5. Enjoy your trip and grandkids!!

  6. Have a safe trip. I know it was nice meeting up with these wonderful people. I remember your post in the past about these organs that are albinos. God bless all that work with them and God bless you for helping to train the women that take care of them


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