Saturday, December 17, 2016

New critters on the land!

When we traveled back from the Big Smoke on Tuesday (more about that on Monday); Namusa phoned and told me that one of the guinea pigs had had babies. She'd placed mother and babies in a box in the house. 

I quickly Googled guinea pig babies and came up with quite surprising facts: a guinea pig baby born to a sow, is called a pup. It's born with its eyes open and can run around immediately. 

I took photos of the mother and babies in the cardboard box to send to granddaughter, Eryn in Mozambique

The link I read said the mother and babies can be left with the other adult guinea pigs. The next morning Namusa and I integrated Misty ad her babies back into the large cage, although we put her in a smaller sleeping area.

On Saturday morning, Thandiwe called me and showed me that the other sow had also had two babies. Just as wide-eyed and mobile. I'm handling the babies as much as possible so that they will know my touch. The older guinea pigs are still wary of me! 

I'll get more photos of the new guinea pig pups as soon as possible.

Oh, and Apple Blossom (a special breed guinea pig) is hugely pregnant. I'm expecting her to have her pups soon.

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  1. You will have a handful there to look after. You will have your own zoo soon.

  2. AH! I used to have Guinea pigs for the children and had pups also. They are a lovely small animal for children. I am off to Malawi tomorrow but will be scheduling posts in but unfortunately wil not be able to comment when I am away but hope you will still pop in when you have time. I hope you and your famuily have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Sweet little newborn! Exciting times for the guinea pig families! Enjoy!

  4. Hello, oh wow that is exciting! The guinea pigs and the pup are so cute. Adorable photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and weekend. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!

  5. they multiply like rabbits and rats.. soon you will have a hundred. that baby is the cutest thing ever. I would love to hold it... bob's daughter always had several of these little guys.. do you have plans on what to do with them all? now I am really curious about them and their life style. hello google..

  6. This post keeps flipping out on me!
    One more time
    Love the new babies!!

  7. How sweet! Our kids just adopted a rescue gerbil!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  8. Wonderful post and so informative ~ love the shot of the little guinea pigs ~ thanks,

    Wishing you peace in your days ~ ^_^

  9. That is so nice to come home to!
    Thanks for following my blog, Jo. I'm your latest follower now too.


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