Thursday, December 8, 2016


When I did a post about me and Namusa (and the dogs) going to the river earlier this week, Blogger friend, Sandra (Madsnapper) noted that we pump river water to bathe in. She asked what we use for drinking water. 
From the river, water is pumped to this overhead tank. Water here is used to shower, wash laundry and irrigate the garden if necessary
Rainwater is collected in this tank via the gutters in the roof

Yesterday Namusa's daughter and friends were passing and asked for water to drink. They'd returned from school nearby where there is no potable water at all. 
Namusa filling two 2 liter milk bottles with rainwater 
The school girls were shy when they saw "Gogo" (grandmother) walking behind Namusa
Six pretty school girls eventually posed for me (Namusa's daughter is middle, front)

You may notice the lack of dogs on this walk. People are very afraid of dogs so I left Skabenga and Eddy behind the garden gate! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Such a pretty group of girls. I didn't quite understand about drinking rain water. Do you mean you all drink rainwater? Does it need boiling first? When I was very young we also collected a lot of rain water for use in the garden, cleaning, etc. but we never drank it. It's good that the homestead has two sources of water. I know how precious water is in most parts of Africa and many other places around the world. Hugs, xx

  2. My grandmother had a rain water tank right outside her bathroom window, it looked a lot like the one in your first photo, the river water one. she also had water in the house, cold only but the water in her faucets was artesian water. don't know if you have it where you are. it smells like rotten water, mineral water and very healthy to drink. when we would stay with her, we used to gag and carry on about the taste of the water. mother found is she made it into tea and let the tea sit in the fridge overnight the taste went away. we had to heat that stink water on her stove and pour into a tub with the rain water for bathing. thanks for the explantion

  3. Nice of you to share your precious water with Namusa. I like your photo of the schoolgirls in their uniforms!

  4. People in the western world don't understand high pressures water is in the African countries and other parts of the world where there is a lack of water. Thanks for the explanation.


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