Friday, December 16, 2016

Full moon over the Berg

Thursday morning, our first clear day this week, the dogs and I set out for our walk at 5.15am. Normally I'm watching where I place my feet on the wet path; this time I looked up and saw the full moon! 
Full moon visibility 100%; age 16 days. 15 December 2016 at 5.31am

I was fascinated by the hugeness of the moon. (I missed the Supermoon due to overcast weather last month) I also loved the way the moon was hanging over the green maize fields.

The moon over the maize fields with the out-of-focus barbed wire fence in the foreground

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  1. welcome home, and glad that big old moon was waiting for you. amazing daytime moon shots

  2. Hello Jo, gorgeous captures of the full moon. Lovely shots. Have a happy day and weekend.

  3. The close-ups are wonderful, Jo!

  4. Hello Jo & thanks so much for coming to my blog & leaving a comment! I appreciate you following too!
    What a beautiful clear shot of the moon! I missed the super moon too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Pretty moon shots! Something about a "blue sky moon" that appeals to me.

  6. What a beautiful moon. I did not get any photos as good as these. Have a super weekend!

  7. Nice shots of that big ole moon.


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