Saturday, December 10, 2016

Strange Saturday critters

Last week  on the way to the shopping complex, Grant and I both spotted birds on the farm dam. We did a double take: they were a pair of swans! As swans are not natural to Africa, we think they're escapees from a bird sanctuary. I will mail the photos to my sister-in-law, Shelley, to find out exactly why we have these birds swanning around in South Africa! On the way back, we stopped so that I could take photos. They were on the opposite side of the dam so my photos are very fuzzy.
A pair of swans on a dam, in the Drakensberg, South Africa
Although with zooming in so much, I cut the right-hand swan off slightly, I was pleased to get the heart-shape of their heads together

Just after 4.30 yesterday morning, I opened the rondawel door to take the dogs for a walk. Missy was peering under the stable at us! 

Later during the day, the dogs and I walked up the pivot path to the servitude. We'd been to the pecan paddock with Thandiwe, but what was another walk! 
I zoomed in on the statice; can you see Skabenga on the left with the blurry shape of Thunder, the horse on the horizon?
I photographed the bramble berries. These plants, with the thistles, need to be eradicated 
The top of the pivot path
Skabenga and Eddy heading along the servitude with the horses in the distance
Missy enjoying the tasty grass in the field
Thunder is my hero; isn't he just too handsome?

Three weeks ago I posted about the Common Fiscal's nest being robbed by an African Harrier-hawk. Yesterday we spotted the parent feeding a youngster - at least one survived! 

A juvenile Common Fiscal

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  1. That is strange having swans there. The horses and dogs look right at home in that country.

  2. Beautiful place to go and wonderful photos!!!
    Oh, we have swans in South America in black, white and both colors. In "Inhotim", a natural park museum we have some of them, living free in the lakes...
    Have a nice weekend Jo!

    Bia <º(((<

  3. such a happy post today, I felt happy all the way through, I grinned really big at Missy peering at you. love that shot a lot... so much beauty out there . the swans are wonderful. I have never seen wild swans, only 2 that live in a jungle garden here.. the necks in the heart are beautiful

  4. Hello, what a great variety of critters. The swans are pretty, they look like our Mute Swan. I always love seeing Eddy and Skabenga. The horses are pretty too. Wonderful photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Beautiful array of critter photos ~ love the swan with their heads together making a heart shape ~ delightful! ~ thanks!

    Wishing you days of contentment ~ ^_^

  6. Nice pics of your critters. Love the swans and the heart pic. Hope you find out where the swans came from.

  7. Lovely to have caught the heat shape with the Swans and great to see al the other critters

  8. Yes, our common or garden Mute Swans do look a little out of place there. As you say Jo, looks like they are escapees and it will be interesting to see how they fare in the wild.

  9. Why wonder about swans in S.Africa? We live in the age of Globality; it applies also to birds and animals. LOL.
    The horse Thunder is indeed very handsome.


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