Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angie's Antics

Mmmm, this looks interesting...

While "helping" me garden yesterday, Angie suddenly discovered she was a Labrador and that she loves water. Until now she has not shown any interest in water.
A little muddy snorkelling could be fun

Up to my "elbows" in mud!
In fact, at Christmas time, when I placed her in the children’s swimming pool, she promptly jumped out, shook herself and ran away. Yet, here she was lapping up the stream of water from the hose, snuffling and digging in the mud around the tree stems. Minutes later she dashed across the lawn, around the pepper tree, and again, then back to the mud she went.
A mud bath sure makes me engergetic

I'm so fast I'm a blur!

Back for some more vitamins and minerals

For a brief moment I thought this might encourage bad habits and that she'd learn to dig up my shrubs while they were being watered. Then I mentally shook myself. My garden is totally child- and pet friendly. My grandchildren ride their plastic scooters around the garden and are free to run, play ball, tussle with the dogs, tumble with the cats and pick flowers as long as they’re not destructive. Dogs, cats, snakes, frogs, a multitude of birds and creepy crawlies are welcome in my garden.

So in between laughing at Angie's antics, and being muddied by an exuberant canine, I pointed my camera and snapped away...

Oooh I love mud and I love my mum!

Er, muddy paws and mum's shorts...

Sorry about that!

I'm the King of the Castle! A quick dive into the pond and
I'll be spotless!

Time to smell the water lilies

I'm puffed! I'll just rest in this flowerbed

Now I need a little nap

The picture of innocence


  1. Jo, sorry I haven't been around much lately (internet problems are still ongoing). I am slowly catching up on your blog & all I've missed since being away. Angie is growing into a beautiful dog, & I'm so glad that she's found her love of water ! Your garden is looking lovely & lush, too. P.S. I have a pair of shorts almost identical to the ones you're wearing. Several pairs, in fact. Are they Bushwillow/African Nature Company, or perhaps Queenspark ?! They're lovely !

  2. Mmmm Lynda, I thought you'd relate to the shorts! The ones I was wearing (my FAVE garden pair) are Stone Harbour which I buy in the men's section in a retail clothing store. I do have other shorts which are Conservation related: In fact a pair of Conservation Trust; another of Senqu, a range of outdoor clothing which donates 10% of the purchase price to conservation. I have "smart" khaki shorts which I wear for special occasions here at home like Sunday braais or Christmas dinner! I think I'm known as this crazy shorts-wearing granny;) When I go to town, I do put on knee pants and always high-heeled sandals. Hugs Jo


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