Thursday, January 1, 2009

Confused Computer!

Or should I say, confused "Jo-the- Blogger"!
I've scheduled my New Year's post to appear South African time at 4.30am on the 1st January 2009. However, my post keeps appearing TODAY as *Thursday 1 January 2009* ! Huh? Nevertheless, I've held it back as a draft (ha!) and will publish it real time. My dh and I have decided to pop down to the East Coast , Kwa Zulu Natal on our motorbike for two days. His only brother and sister-in-law has a beautiful home which garden leads directly onto the beach so I'll be doing a post on that tomorrow (2nd January 2009, I hope!)

Until I return, to all my wonderful blogging friends, have a Blessed New Year and keep on blogging!

(Oh, the photo of the pets above? Once again, as at Christmans time, the animals "helped" prepare for New Year!)

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