Thursday, January 22, 2009


On Friday afternoon last week, after several days of weather that built up, rumbled and flashed, yet never happened, the heavens eventually opened and the rain came down.

Regular readers of my blog will know how much rain, especially seasonal rain, means to the area where I live. This downpour, which I photographed to the point of getting my camera lense wet, lasted about twenty minutes.

The downpour was most welcome after almost a month of no rain; all we had before was dust, heat and exhausting closeness.
A total of ten millimeters of rain was measured.
Just as a good rainstorm should, it stopped when
the earth was soaked and the sun came out again.

Everyone came out to play and enjoy
the fresh cleanliness after the rain.
The lawn, which had become burnt and dry, now feels
spongy and thick after the good soaking rain
Angie she has no fear of storms thank goodness, and waited in the garage until the rain stopped. Then she followed me around the garden
"assisting" with photographs


  1. That first photo looks a bit like Cork does at the moment!The only difference is here it forgets to stop raining for days on end.

  2. Jo I'm so glad that you got some lovely rain - it's always lovely for the garden too, although I must say yours always looks lush & green. I love your photographic assistant too, by the way ;)

  3. Jo, At least your rain stops sometimes! I'm glad you had a good rain when you needed it. Angie is a cutie-pie. She looks like she's miscevious too. Enjoy the fresh air.

  4. Hi Peggy, yes, I suppose we appreciate rain because it does stop. Today it's drizzled all day which has been welcome because the weather remains warm;) We should have a sunny day tomorrow. Hugs Jo

  5. Hi Lynda, yes the rain is welcome. My PA (photographic assistent) is so cute. If I go out into the garden (anytime that is, ) and she is on the OTHER side, she spots me and comes bounding across the beds to get to me. We are enjoying her tremendously. Hugs Jo

  6. Hi Dedene, yes, I've noticed when you speak about the never-ending rain. It sure would get me down. Angie is a darling but yes, becoming quite naughty. Since she has taken to water, she runs in and out of my ponds and pulls out the water plants. She should grow out of it. Hugs Jo


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