Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pudding visits the Vet

Pudding offers her best profile!
Oh well, laugh if you must...

Since the arrival of Angie in Mid-December, Pudding, my second oldest cat has taken to living on top of the fridge in the kitchen. Two weeks ago my daughter-in-law, Amanda looked up to greet her and said, “Oh, Pudding is winking at me.” Upon closer inspection, I saw that she was favouring her right eye by keeping it closed.

Next morning I loaded her into the cat travel cage, placed her on the seat next to me and drove to our vet 80km/50miles away. The vet looked her over and told me she’d like to keep her in hospital for a day or two. When I phoned the next morning, she said that the eye injury was probably due to a fight she had with one of the other cats here at home (I wracked my brain and remembered that I heard Pudding hissing at our youngest cat, Manduline earlier that week) The vet had treated the scratch and sewn the eye closed to ensure complete healing. However, what really concerned her was the fact that Pudding’s kidneys were not functioning properly anymore. She had her on a drip but said we could collect her the next day. On Saturday we rode to the vet, collected Pudding and came home with her on my lap in our two-seater car.

Back home we continued to administer antibiotics and applied drops three times a day to heal the eye trauma. Pudding’s diet had changed completely and while it took some time to convince her that the new brand of wet food and pellets are just as good as the previous ones, she has eventually begun to eat regularly. I’m pleased to say that she is gaining weight again.

This week we are taking her back to the vet to have the stitch removed from her eyelid. Then Pudding will cease to look like Morgan the Pirate!


  1. "Pirate" Pudding is so sweet perched on top of your fridge like that :) Do keep us updated .... sending healing kitty hugs your way ...

  2. Hi Lynda, thanks for the kind healing hugs and lovely comment! Pudding had the stitch removed today (Thursday) and is brighty eye-d and bushy tailed again. The vet was worried because her coat looked unkempt. (I thought Pudding always looks a little fly-away - her coat) She suggested I bath dear Pudding because that motivates them to groom themselves (I never knew this!) I will bath her tomorrow. I'm sure this will warrant some photos - only thing is darling hubby says he's not watching this so I'll have to ask Emily how to take the photos! Hugs Jo


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