Thursday, January 29, 2009


This casual worker picked up litter
at one entrance to our town
This other casual worker collected litter in town
and then on the outskirts at the second entrance to town.
A third helper picked up litter at a through road which runs past our town

"Last week a Marquard resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a positive effort to tidy up the main street and town entrances. Employing three casual workers, she took them to strategic points in and around town. The first man started in Van der Watt Street (main street), picked up all the litter and filled four garbage bags. He was then transported to the Marquard -Senekal entrance where he collected six bags of litter.

The other two men were dropped off at the Marquard - Clocolan and Marquard - Winburg entrances respectively. They worked their way along the main road (towards Food Zone) and collected a total of 17 bags of recyclable waste. It has been arranged with Senekal Recycling from the town Senekal, to collect the bags from a strategic point. "

David Motala, my own gardener loads bags of litter into my pick-up

The above was an article of mine published in the local newspaper two years ago. I was trying to encourage residents and businesses to take up the challenge and keep the town and surrounds tidy. No easy task...
However, I had some good response from school learners (pupils). I’d given demonstrations and talks in the higher grade classes and subsequently judged a competition whereby the entrants made items with recyclable waste. Even if I encouraged only one or two of the younger generation to care for their environment, they might encourage their parents or one or two friends.

Fourteen months later I've managed to motivate three other residents and three businesses in town to keep their dry goods for recycling. Senekal Recycling Depot collects the waste from our respective homes and business premises concerned.

A little later I will post about recyclable products and how to go about storing your household waste until you can take it to a drop-off point. Most South African cities have recycling depots with trucks and trailers that trundle around the streets collecting cardboard and metal from businesses. Household waste normally has to be dropped off by the householder. Certain cities have a collecting option. Check up in your own town/city.

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  1. Good for you for your efforts in this area Jo! One thing I noticed in my trips to Africa is the garbage/waste lying about. I know there are so many more people living there than there are here and that garbage pick up isn't possible for many people who need a place to put their refuse. Nonetheless every small effort helps. I remember when I was a school child we used to have to collect garbage as a school activity to help keep the town tidy. I never see that any more here where I live and it is a pity.


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