Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cat on the Beach!

My husband and SIL chat on the beach while the dogs have a run (Spatch, the labrador x in the front of the photo, is too old to run anymore, so he sits in on the chat!)

We’re visiting my husband’s family at the moment and I thought I'd post these amazing photos of a cat who loves the beach. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a home whose front garden leads down a path through a forest and onto the beach.

Strange but true: Sooty the cat on the beach

Every evening my SIL takes their five dogs onto the beach for a walk. While this is a wonderful treat for the dogs and quite normal, the first time I saw one of her [three] cats following us onto the beach, I couldn’t believe my eyes. SIL says when the cats first saw the all the sand, they frantically began to dig holes! They thought it was one HUGE sandbox/litter tray for their exclusive use. Now only the oldest cat, Sooty comes to the beach with her and the dogs every evening.

And loving it...

Sooty's not at all afraid of the pounding waves behind her...

The other female cat, (Sooty’s daughter, Sassy) sits at the top of the path where the forest meets the beach and watches all the other animals on the beach. While Bart, (Sooty’s other "kitten, now a huge male) was still a teenager, had an unfortunate face-to-face encounter on the beach with the town villain, a tom cat named Black Death. These days Bart stays at home: no arguments, nothing. He stays home!

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