Sunday, January 25, 2009

Container Gardening Update

Above photo was taken of the container garden when
John and I recreated it in November
The two photos above were taken this week

In the first week of November I posted about a container garden that John and I recreated for my entrance. This morning I have photos of the garden as it looks now two and a half months later. Succulents really are rewarding, easy to grow and maintain.


  1. Looks great! Is that an ice plant with the pink flowers?

  2. Hi Fern, nice to meet you. Yes, you're right, it is called an ice plant although I only found that out today! Thanks... It is a Lampranthus spp and also known as mesems - a really popular and easy to grow plant. Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  3. Jo, you know I've never tried container gardening but your post has inspired me to maybe give it a try sometime ! Yours looks lovely, and what a change since November !

  4. Oh Lynda, your comment has squeezed my heart. I've aspired to inspire someone and now you say you are by my container planting. Yes, you and I have such huge gardens that containers are not really necessary. However, because of my paved patio I do like to have pots and containers dotted around. I've just seen hanging baskets of Hen and Chickens at a friend's house, but have decided to wait a little with that! Thanks again. Hugs Jo


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