Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Perfect Choice of Pet

Angie's first "ball" was an empty milk bottle

The milk bottle "ball" was soon flat and easy to grip

Angie, the latest acquisition to our menagerie, has been with us for four weeks. However, in the month since we fetched this exuberant but very obedient Labrador pup at the SPCA, life on the yard has taken on a new meaning. It's rejuvinating to have a young animal around again.
Over the festive period, Angie really proved that she was the perfect pet for us. We had many people visiting us and regularly entertained guests for dinner, which I served al fresco. Throughout Angie was the epitome of a well-behaved dog. Not once did she try and run out of the electric motor gate when cars were entering or leaving. She never begged for food at the table, and she never got underfoot. And...Angie doesn't chase cats; this is very important in our household.
Just before Christmas we bought Angie a rugby ball to replace the milk bottle ball (see photos above). In no time at all, she learnt to grip her too-hard rugby ball with the side of her jaw. Within a few days, she had punctured the ball slightly; a few days after that, she had flattened it completely. Now she has no trouble picking it up!

Not sure whether to play soccer or rugby

OK, got it and going for the posts
Next, Angie gets serious and "helps" around the garden

Not only is Angie a good "sports dog", she is an avid gardener too. I love it that she is beside me as I enjoy my garden. John and David also find it very humorous when Angie "helps" !

Angie collects the branches as I prune and toss them onto the lawn

At the moment, chewing is her most favourite passtime

Gardening is exhasting work!


  1. I have a Lab/Aussie mix. She eventually outgrew the chewing thing, but she still digs a bit. Any ideas on how to curb that would be greatly welcome!

  2. Oh Jeanne, I've just walked through my garden and noticed quite a few newly planted Tulbagia (Wild garlic). We noticed that Angie digs a hole/hollow to lie in and cool down, under the mulberry tree. This area is next to a wall and not in the public eye at all. I'm feeding her there and I see she stays in that one place. I'm happy and she's happy. Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  3. She is a beautiful puppy. Love seeing her at play.

  4. Thanks Laura Jane, it's so good to have a "youngster" on the yard again. There have only been old pets for the past few years... Hugs Jo

  5. What a lovely dog she is, Jo! She makes Sheba seem so adult, lol, although we get our fair share of "help" in various forms. I've started bringing Sheba along with me for shorter rides (because our little wrestler was trying her skills on just about anything while we weren't around, and so I knew she needed a "real" challenge). On Saturday, Sahara & two week filly Kalahari joined us. Sheba was thrilled and made sure to act as Kalahari's bodyguard. However, she soon tired of Kalahari having to stop every tenth minute to have a little drink, so she went back, popped her head under Sahara's belly, which of course chocked Kalahari (who is not used to sharing). Proudly, Sheba, then nudge the little filly forward, and soon the whole pack was on the move again. Sheba looked at me, beaming with pride from getting the troop moving again! Dogs are so sweet, and I am glad you are getting so much joy out of Angie. She really seems like the perfect match for you!!!

  6. Esther, you'e so right, Dogs are SUCH a pleasure to have (and this comes from me, who also has 8 cats) Young Angie is at a gangly teenage stage now and a friend came here last week and said she wasn't purebred Labrador. I told her we know and we THINK she has Rottweiler in her, and HOPE this is true. I lost my darling Rottweiler in July last year so we'll be thrilled if she has a dash of this tough dog in her. With Labrador as the larger portion of breed, she is perfect around people and around children. I have a post on my Daughter-in-law's birthday party held in my garden last Thursday. It appears on Wednesday. And you can see many of my animals in the thick of things. This is such a relief as my Rottie was not sociable - he was my guard dog and I had to lock him away when I had people visiting. My hubby and I have just chatted to Angie through my office window. She is playing with her totally-collapsed rugby ball on the lawn outside. No problem to her that it is dark and past her bedtime (8.40pm!) thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo


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