Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Waterfall

Lifting rocks to build a waterfall is "heavy" work, so the gardeners wear gloves

A week before Christmas my two gardeners, John and David, helped me build a waterfall at my third and smallest pond. My younger DIL had donated some beautiful rocks which these two lads stacked to look like a natural waterfall. My husband connected a pipe, which John fed through a natural hole in one of the rocks. Viola! A new waterfall!

David (in the pond) loves to work with water
and donned his gumboots for this occasion!

John feeds the pipe through a natural hole in a rock; David gives helpful advice

The finished product; the soothing, tinkling water completes the third pond

John and David experience the feeling of achievement as they complete a project and always voice their delight in this. They also receive the photos which they keep in albums I gave each of them a year ago.

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