Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas not over yet!

Great excitement when I saw this date stamp, Arusha (Tanzania)
on an envelope received in the mail yesterday

This original Christmas card inside the envelope, rekindled the Christmas spirit in me

Just as I thought Christmas and New Year is over, (I’m taking down the tree and decorations tonight, 6 January) there was an envelope in the snail mail; an envelope with a stamp headed “Famous East African Mountains”, an envelope date stamped Arusha! With great excitement I tore it open to reveal a beautiful card. The scene on the card is of three [wise?] young African elephants, moving towards a star; there is a moon hanging above them in the shape of a mountain peak. The artwork is most original, with raised textures forming the figures on the page. The artist’s signature is in the bottom right-hand corner, dated 2007.

Yes, the card is from my dear friend, Lynda and family all the way from Tanzania! Lynda lives on a remote farm at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. (Note: Lynda is a well-known, much-loved blogger; follow the link to visit her fascinating blog)

Lynda and I have been online friends since early 2005. We have never met, but speak on the telephone when she visits her parents in South Africa. Every year we say this is the year we finally get to meet. Well, 2009 is definitely the year we will meet, Lynda; I believe that and I know you do!

Lynda motivated and inspired me to start a blog. Not only did she help me extensively and with great patience to set up and launch my blog; once I started blogging (and not many people knew about my blog,) she introduced me to her followers. This opened up a whole new world of blogging for me.

Thank you, Lynda!

God bless you and your precious family in 2009.


  1. What a gorgeous card. I really love late Christmas cards for the very reasons you give here :)

  2. Hi Rachel, nice to meet you. Yes, it is exciting when something as precious as Christmas is extended a little. Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  3. Visiting via Rachel -- and adding you to my blogroll!

  4. Hi Jeanne, thanks for popping in and adding me to your blogroll. I'll pop into yours soon... Hugs Jo

  5. Jo, I'm anxious to receive my card from Lynda! I know it's on the way. What a lovely surprise, Christmas isn't over!
    Best to you, Dedene

  6. Hi Tami, nice to meet you. Yes, the card is really special and comes from a special friend! Hugs Jo

  7. Hi Dedene, oooh, are you also spoilt as I am. I'm sure your card will arrive soon. I'm off to read your post of you and Pacha walking in the cold. Hugs Jo

  8. Jo, I am so glad that you received the card (albeit a little late !) Do you know that some similar cards I sent to places like Australia were rejected by Custom's there as the banana leaf used on some of them was considered a "threat to Australian wildlife, flora/fauna"? So I am worried that many of my overseas cards did not make it to their destinations this year ! However, I am so thrilled that you finally got yours & I knew that you would just love the 3 wise elephants following the star ! Thanks for being such a wonderful online friend to me, and YES 2009 just HAS to be the year that we finally meet .... and of course we'll have to blog about it, too ;)
    Lynda xx

  9. Lynda, that sounds just like Australia. They are very strict about what is allowed into the country. I hope you other cards reach their destination. Yes, here's to 2009 and our meeting. (I'm devising plans as we speak -ha!)Oh and yes, we'll definitely blog about it! Hugs Jo

  10. I really love late Christmas cards for the very reasons you give here :)Do you have Gift Card envelopes for it.


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