Tuesday, January 13, 2009


People have often asked me during the last three years what I do all day. Huh? I mean, I have no children to look after; I live alone most of the time, so I don’t have to cook dinner for a man; I have Emily to clean for me, so housework is not on my agenda. Most important of all, I don’t have a 9-5 job outside the house.

Over the years I have taken special note of what I do with my time. (Not that I feel obliged to answer the question in question, HA!) And this is what I came up with.

Firstly I write (and I’m talking pre-blogger here); now I write a lot!

Next, I take photographs (also since pre-blogger days); now I take many photographs!

I’m also a reporter for a regional newspaper hence the above two activities.

I am pro-environmental issues and regularly deliver talks to school children on the subject. Last year I was asked to judge a recycling competition at school.

Back home I garden, garden and garden. When the weather is too cold to do much more than just maintain the garden, I instigate and motivate repairs and refurbishing of our home. My one gardener, David is very handy and does these jobs for me.

Emily cleans for me, but I tidy all our personal cupboards and re-do rooms when they become run-down and boring

I enjoy scrapbooking.

I enjoy bird watching and spend time in my garden listening to and watching these fine feathered friends.
I attend SeSotho classes once a week. (SeSotho is one of the eleven official languages in South Africa, and spoken in the Free State Province)

I’m studying piano, which means I practice regularly.
I have music lessons once a week.

I’m the pianist at church and attend practices twice a week.
I'm the accompanist at a weekly home cell (Bible Study) meeting

I have three young people (see My Thursday Blessings) to dinner, bed and breakfast once a week.

I go to spinning classes four times a week.

I’m learning to ride my motorbike which my husband gave me a year ago. (and which I'm still terribly nervous of; the bike, that is, not my husband!)

I also have quite a few other subjects which are close to my heart and have created a label called “Soapbox Chronicles”. I speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves: animals; abused children and women; exploitation of other races (here in South Africa, the black workers). I take a strong stand on pollution, especially landfill garbage and other environmental issues. Just before Christmas I did a post about children under this label which you can see here.

Another label I've created, is called “Lifestyle”. These are posts about things I do that are not gardening, cooking, pets or travelling. Refurbishing or renovating my home, healthy eating and fittness issues, will fall under this label. My first one follows tomorrow.

My final new label is called “Family”. I have a wonderful family and realised I need to place posts about any of them (close and extended) under this label. I did a "Family" post yesterday.

Does this seem like I have enough to do?


  1. JO, I had to laugh when reading this because I, too, get asked this question all the time and also things like "But aren't you bored all day ?" etc ! When people hear that we live on a remote farm & that I do not work & have house staff, they often think that I sit around all day doing nothing - I am honestly so busy that I hardly ever have a spare moment, that's the honest truth - although when I try to explain to people I can tell they are often just thinking "Oh but she's just saying that !" I suppose that one is as busy as one allows oneself to be, I am not the sort of person that would ever watch TV during the day or even lie down & read a book during the day but if I was, I would certainly not be as busy as I am now ! LOVE your new labels, especially the Soapbox one, can't wait to read more !

  2. Jo, oh yes, you seem to have more than enough to do. Happily, all of your activities are passionate ones. Bravo for the work that you do for animals.

  3. Hi Lynda, I knew you'd relate ;) Today alone I spent the day on the computer re-doing CV's and resume's for various men my hubby has jobs for. *Sigh* Some of the documents are coffee stained and the spelling is atrocious. All good experience for my typing skills Ha-ha! Ditto, when the sun sets I am exhausted and realise how much I've done. I trust your Internet is improving? Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo

  4. Thanks Dedene, yes, I am passionate about all I do. Thanks for your kind comment. Hugs Jo


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