Friday, January 2, 2009

Biking in the New Year!

Last minute prepping and checking of the bike
Here hubby and I pose for a photo
before embarking on our journey.
Note: 2 1/2 of the [silver and black] cases
on the bike are for my use!
One of our favourite stops, is Golden Gate National Highlands Park with its interesting sandstone cliffs. Mushroom Rock is visible behind the motorbike, just right of the cypress trees
Another popular viewing spot is at Sterkfontein Dam. Here my husband is watching Cape Vultures "dine" at The Vultures' Restaurant where domestic animal carcasses are left by local farmers

Once again, we’re on our bike and on the way to the East coast of South Africa. We’re spending New Year with my BIL and SIL who have a lovely home on the beach. None of our relations ride or own motor bikes. In fact, it has taken them a few years to realise that we’re not abnormal (still they wonder. Ha-ha) Nevertheless, hubby and I simply love biking. I, for one, get off the bike after a 4000km/ 2500mile trip and can honestly say, I'll repeat the whole trip again.

The day before our journey, my husband wheeled his BMW out onto the patio, washed it thoroughly and polished it till it gleamed in the bright sunlight. He then checked every part of the bike. Well, any males/other bikers reading this blog will know what mechanical and other moving, necessary parts would have to be examined to ensure the machine is roadworthy. Next morning he loaded the luggage onto the bike (two and a half boxes for me and a half for him!). He activated the GPS; even though he doesn’t need directions to his brother’s house, he simply LOVES gadgets and well, to me, the GPS is a gadget. We donned our leathers and helmets and we were off before sunrise on New Years Day.
After the holidays and other pleasant diversions I’ve recently enjoyed, I will post about last month’s bike trip we made along the South-Eastern coast of Southern Africa.

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