Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Healthy Eating Outdoors

Tranquil surrounds ensure a pleasant breakfast

My husband enjoys Health Breakfast at home
Health Breakfast served my way at home

After the exciting and pleasant visit with my MIL and her husband, Graham, we’ve returned to the normal routine of everyday life. We spent every possible minute outdoors while we had visitors and once again today, my husband and I had breakfast in the garden.

Whenever we stop for breakfast on our travels across South Africa, I have a ‘healthy’ breakfast. A healthy breakfast, called Health or Shape breakfast is, as the name suggests, the healthy option. A few weeks ago I decided to copy this dish and serve it at home.

Health Breakfast (recipe imitated by sight!)
175 ml Flavoured yoghurt
100g Sliced mixed fruit of your choice
Sliced bananas/cherries or grapes for garnishing
40g muesli

In a boat shaped dessert bowl, place the mixed fruit
Spoon yoghurt over
Sprinkle muesli down over the middle
Decorate with bananas or whichever fruit you prefer
Drizzle gently with honey
Decorate with a sprig of mint and an edible flower
Serves 1

Oh, by the way, my darling husband loves a Health Breakfast when I serve it at home, yet his choice when eating out? A full English breakfast.


  1. Jo, I would be thrilled to come for breakfast. I needed to see your beautiful pictures to warm up a bit!

  2. Oh I'm glad it warmed you up Dedene. You're very welcome to join me for breakfast. We are experiencing very hot, dry weather at the moment. It should break soon and hopefully we'll have a good shower of rain. The farmers need it! Hugs Jo

  3. I love healthy breakfasts too! Nothing like fruit and yogurt (preferable without sugar) - but I am spoiled here, where fruit has so much taste. Every year when I go back to Sweden, I am equally disappointed when I have a banana. I keep waiting for the taste!!!
    The garden is lovely! It makes me want to visit, lol!!!

  4. Your breakfast looks not only delicious, but beautiful! Do you always put that much effort into making a great breakfast?

  5. Esther, you are VERY welcome to come and visit! I know what you're saying about tasty fruit. I remember the DIVINE mangoes, pawpaws and pineapples in Guinea. We're blessed here in SA and our fruit is generally very tasty and sweet. Yeah, and my yohgurt is fat-free. My hubby eats it when his regular yoghurt is finished. Enjoy your darling little Kalahari. Hugs Jo

  6. Hi Jeanne, I actually normally live alone while my hubby works away for months at a time. Even when I'm alone, I set the table and sit and eat (no eating in front of the telly - I don't have one, ha-ha; or in front of the computer) or standing and eating. The health breakfast is very simple and quick to "build". So thanks for the compliment. Hugs Jo


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