Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cross-border news

As many of you know, Grant and I live on John's property and he, Debbie and their six children live and work in Mozambique. Last week on Friday, December 30th, our very special DIL Debbie had a birthday. We phoned to wish her and they were on their way to a hotel in Zimbabwe for the weekend. 

Happy Birthday Debbie! 

On Monday John phoned us and what a weekend they'd had! He and the children were on the golf course playing golf (what else) He'd warned them of no wild swinging of clubs; no hitting balls while anyone was in front of you. 

Isn't it idyllic? 
Eryn and Behany abiding by the rules
Joshua being assisted by a caddie


Joshua (oldest) swung his club a little to close to Elijah and cut his ear open. 
Elijah's split ear needed stitching

John says he spent New Year's Eve afternoon going from one pharmacy to another in search of surgical needles and other meds fix Elijah's wound. He found Novacaine and within a few minutes had injected Elijah and was stitching him up.
Dr John ably attending to the patient. Poor Elijah looks worried. 
These children are tough! 
Obviously all is OK again! 

And as if that wasn't enough. John picked up a grain of sea sand in a small cut under his toe. It became infected and by the time he'd returned to Mozambique, he had blood poisoning. Visiting the clinic, he's had intravenous antibiotics. 
The stent in John's  left arm
The second day the foot looked very inflamed and painful 

Today is John's birthday and when we spoke to him, he said the poison was slowly receding. We pray for swift and complete healing. 



  1. Wow! What a way to bring in the new year wit,h all these accidents. I hope everyone is on the mend. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Grant

  2. Hello, wow your poor family has had some accidents. I hope all are ok now and recovering well. Your family is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your son and DIL Debbie. Enjoy your day!

  3. What a time they had, and I can't believe he stitched up the ear. does he have prior training? like medical? or did he just do it. yikes on that. his poor foot looks so painful. prayers for his healing and the cut on Joshua to heal quickly with no infection. there wonderful week end turned into a not so wonderful adventure. I had no idea sand could cause infection.

  4. What a start to the year! I hope it only gets better and better from here. the children all look so cute in the photos. praying for John's swift healing.xx

  5. and for young Elijah's healing. He is a little trooper. xx

  6. They were both lucky. With that size of family I'll bet bumps, bruises, and cuts happen regularly. Happy belated to birthday John!

  7. What adorable pictures ! Yes with kids you have always surprises. I love the photo of the four in the car, so cute. Your son was less lucky, fortunately he got taken care of in time !


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