Monday, January 30, 2017

My heart

Our six beautiful grandchildren in Mozambique

Boys from left: Joshua, Israel and Elijah; Girls  from right: Eryn, Keren and Bethany
Eryn, our oldest grandchild is a beautiful gentle teenager. Loves all things in nature too (Elijah looking on)
Bethany, Samuel, Elijah, Israel and Keren - on the beach



  1. Hello Jo, your grandchildren are all beautiful. You must be very proud! I like the cute lizard and rainbow too.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. A beautiful family with lovely names. No wonder you are proud of them. How fast they grow.

  3. Those are all wonderful photos Jo. I love them all. Your grandchildren are growing up nicely. That double rainbow looks fantastic in the last photo and the children all look so very happy.

  4. Excellent photo of all the grand children, they are all beautiful and you are truly blessed. I am not sure I would let the critter sit on my arm, but would love to see it...

  5. Hi, You have such gorgeous grandchildren... I feel as if I have been there to see them all grow up. I cannot believe that Eryn is a teenager now... Mercy Me....

    How are you and Grant doing? Do you like the wide-open spaces? I'll bet you do since you have adapted so several different environments through the years....



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