Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Weekly Parkrun

As always, on Saturday Grant and I drove to the venue between where we live and the nearest town, Winterton to take part in the weekly Parkrun. This was our fourth Parkrun. 

Last week I mentioned that I'd walked to improve my time. This week I was determined to better THAT time again.

Obviously a resident cat, this moggie came and curled around my ankles! 

As always, as well, every time we join in this fun walk, I'n fascinated anew at what a marvelous event it is. Anyone can walk it. Anyone can run it. Athletes and serious road runners (training for the Comrades) use this event to train. Children, dogs on leashes and babies being pushed in prams by their parents, can take part. 

And do...
These two fit young gentlemen, Petros Hlongwane and Mbekiseni Kunene  did the 5km in 18 min 22 sec and 23 min 4 sec respectively - coming in first and second 

It's also great to watch the half hour leading up to the start of the walk. It's a social gathering of people from all ages and all spheres of life. 

 Three "old" gents: Grant, Anthony Gray and Anthony Muirhead chew the fat . Here the two Ants are comparing their Fitbits and how many steps they've already walked on the farm earlier that day 
This couple traveled up from Durban (a two-and-a-half hour drive) to take part in their 18th venue. They're aiming to break the record at running at a different venue every week. They've already done 100 Parkruns (hence the T-shirt) at their home venue

Groups of people chatting before the start

For a newcomer such as I, it's handy to stand by and watch and listen. I get to know the people's names (as they greet each other) and being country folk, I also hear lots of different news and happenings! 

As always (LOL!) I zoom in on the dogs. 
This little boy arrived with his mum (she with the folded arms)
 and being dragged along by this puppy

All along the walk, I'd see this duo. The dog (whom I heard was  called Dolly) dragged the little boy (whom I heard his sister calling him Joel) at full speed. After a couple of hundred meters, he'd sit down and force the dog to sit and wait for his two sisters. I'd catch up to them and pass.  Later on the Dolly and Joel would come hurtling past me and fly into the distance. 
The official starter 

Meanwhile I was testing my time: 


At the 1km marker I took a photo but obviously I didn't depress the shutter properly. It was nowhere to be found when I downloaded the photos

At 2km.

As I passed this marker, (and took the photo properly!) I checked the time. I had takenn 20 minutes to do 2km
Walking along the second dam wall, I quickly took this photo. The young lady in the font and a middle-aged one behind me soon overtook me! 
At 3km I checked the time: 11 minutes since passing the last marker 

Between 3 and 4 kms, you have to cross a shallow stream overflowing from the dam. I'm always thrilled when I see the next marker...

Checking the time : I'd done the previous kilometer in nine minutes

There is no 5km marker but below is the finishing straight! When you approach the officials with timers, they're calling you encouragingly and clapping as you arrive! 

As I clocked in at the end, I asked my time:

50 min and 2 sec!


I popped into the ladies restrooms to wash my hands and when I came out, I saw Anthony Muirhead. He called me to bring my camera so that we could walk back and find "our men": Grant, my husband and John, Anthony's brother! 

As we walked back along the route, we passed a couple of people. One elderly gent said to Anthony he was trying to catch up to HIM. Anthony pointed to me and said: HE was trying to catch this lady. Anthony came in at 56 min 31 sec. A wiry, fit old gentleman! 
Grant Hedges and John Muirhead came in at 1 hr 19 minutes! 

As always (sic) this event was a morning of fun, fitness and greatly rewarding.

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  1. Congratulations on a personal best! And it seems that all the others are doing very well too.

  2. I am impressed with your time and with Grant and his friend, better and better each week. loved all the pics and the little stories that went with them... a fun event. my favorite photo today is the 3 old gents, made me think of the movie Grumpy Old Men..

  3. That seems to be a nice get together and having fun ! Grant looks good and has put on some weight !


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